How heavy is yokozuna?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The first few years he wrestled he weighed 500 pounds. then he quit Wrestling for a while. Then he came back and he weighed 650 pounds.

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yokozuna weights 650 pounds

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half a ton!

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Q: How heavy is yokozuna?
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How heavy was Yokozuna when he first entered WWF and when he left?

Yokozuna Was 285 Pounds When He first enterd WWF and 580 when he left!! :)

When did Yokozuna Monogatari happen?

Yokozuna Monogatari happened in 1994.

Are WWE superstars rikishi and yokozuna brothers?

no rikishi and yokozuna are cousins

What is a yokozuna?

A yokozuna is a person who has reached the highest rank of sumo wrestler.

When was Yokozuna Monogatari created?

Yokozuna Monogatari was created on 1994-08-26.

Is Kane heavest weight champion?

if you mean is he world heavy weight champion the yes. but if you say in he the heaviest world heavyweight champion then no because yokozuna was

Is yokozuna a sumo?

Yes, yokozuna is the champion level of wrestlers. Once they achieve this rank they cannot be demoted.

Big Daddy V or Yokozuna?

yokozuna {the guy is probably the greatest ultra weight wrestler ever}

Is yokozuna still alive?


How old is yokozuna?

Yokozuna would have been 45 years old if he didn't die on October 23th,2000.

Where is WWE yonunizo?

First of all, its spelled Yokozuna. Second of all, Yokozuna has been dead since 2000

What happened to yokozuna wwe?

Yokozuna died on October 23, 2000 from pulmonary edema, or a build-up of fluid in the lungs.