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Q: How heavy is the mongoose logo 2011?
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How heavy is the mongoose logo 2012 bmx bike?

quite heavy but for me is quite light and is an epic bmx bike u should totally get it

What the weight of a Mongoose logo 2011 bmx bike?

26 lbs / 11.7 kg

Is a mongoose logo good?


How heavy can a mongoose get?

The mongoose can weigh from 340 grams to 5 kilograms considering on the specie of mongoose.

What is the mongoose logo weight?

18.78 kg

How heavy is a mongoose spin bmx bike?

not that heavy

Can you put a mongoose logo sprocket on a mongoose mischief?

The hub desings aren't special to the brand of the bicycle, but there are a couple of different ones to chose from. If the Mischief and the Logo share the same design, then you can swap.

What is the Weight of the mongoose culture bmx?

my friend has the 2011 model i wouldnt recommend it its really heavy and had the bunny hop on probably around 28kg

How much does a mongoose logo weigh?

probably about 27 pounds

What one shall i get GT Fly 2011 or Mongoose thrive 2011 I am going to be using it for bmx'ing?

Mongoose thrive 2011 their worth the price

What are the ratings and certificates for Operation Mongoose- - 2011?

Operation Mongoose- - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:14A

Can you put a 25t sprocket on a mongoose logo 2010?

yes it has a 26t sprocket

When is the 2011 mongoose BMX range due for release?


Which is better GT slammer or mongoose program 2011 models?


What wheel size is a mongoose logo?

It's a dead-standard BMX, so it has 20" wheels.

What are the release dates for The Snake and Mongoose Chronicles Episode 1 - 2011?

The Snake and Mongoose Chronicles Episode 1 - 2011 was released on: USA: 18 September 2011 (video premiere)

Is mongoose logo 2010 bmx bike a good bike?

All mongoose bmx are horrible! if you are looking for a good bmx bike look at Fit, kink, haro bmx bikes.

When did Logo Motion happen?

Logo Motion happened in 2011.

Is it illegal to punch a mongoose in japan?

it is illegal t punch a mongoose because they have been reported as endangered species since 2011 and it is a very hefty fine

Is hyper bike better then mongoose?

Hyper bikes are better than mongoose bikes. If you are specifically asking about the hyper bike at Walmart. Yes, it is better than any mongoose! The weight is still a bit heavy. However it's a great starter bike for bmx! If your not sure your gonna like it or not. After a year we moved the kids up to redlines. If your looking for a bike for around town I would still recommend it over the mongoose!

Who would win in a fight black mamba or mongoose?

Mongoose would win because he was lot more advanced. Black Mamba is the most poisoneus snake in the world but so heavy and slow.

What actors and actresses appeared in Logo Ali - 2011?

The cast of Logo Ali - 2011 includes: Carlos Alberto Messeder as himself Carlos Nepomuceno as himself

What actors and actresses appeared in Heavy - 2011?

The cast of Heavy - 2011 includes: Kyla Garcia as Mara

Who directed the 2011 film 'Amsterdam Heavy'?

Michael Wright directed the 2011 film 'Amsterdam Heavy'.

Is the Mongoose Culture 2011 BMX Bike good?

Yes its a fantastic bike and great for tricks