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Men throw a discus that weighs 2kg (4.4lbs).

Women use a 1 kg (2.2lbs) discus.

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Q: How heavy is the disc they use in the discus throwing?
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The instruments use for throwing?

Javlins, spears, balls, discus,

What sports use throwing and catching?

Waterpolo, baseball, football, discus, basketball...

What are the 5 sports which use a circle when they are played?

Discus throwing, hammer throwing, shot-putting, Greco-Roman wrestling and Sumo wrestling.

How heavy is the discus for middle school?

Quite heavy just not as heavy as the olympic one.Answer:The Olympic discus masses 2 kg for men and 1 kg or women. Sports suppliers have these weights and intermediate weights as well. Because of the ergonomic aspects of the sport a discus weight must be adapted to the strength of the athlete (too heavy a discuss can cause damage to the rotator cuff an shoulder), Non-adults would likely use the lighter 1 kg weight.

What equipment did the ancient Olympics use?

discus and the javelin discus and the javelin

What is the rules and regulations of discus throw?

Some of the rules and regulations of the discus throw are the thrower must stay inside of the throwing circle and the thrower may use chalk but no tape on hands or fingers. Also, the thrower has to wait until the discus has hit the ground to leave the circle and must exit from the back part of the circle.

What are the sports that use a circular object in play that is NOT spherical?

Air and Ice Hockey use circular pucks. Discus Throw (obviously) uses a Discus. Relay Races pass a cyllindrical baton. Clay Shooting shoots at clay discuses. Disc Golf is another sport. I'm sure there are others, but there are a few examples.

What do they use as a discus in ancient Greece?


Can one use a disc golf disc for ultimate?

Yes, one can improvise a disc golf disc and use it for ultimate.

Do you need the shivering isles disc to play the expansion or can you just use the ordinary oblivion disc?

You just use the regular disc

What material is the discus made of?

A wide range of materials are used to make athletic discus. Generally a metal rim and a metal core is used to gain the weight. The main materials in use are :Plastic DiscusAluminum DiscusWooden DiscusRubber Discus

What events were in the first greek Olympics?

Mostly they raced chariots or threw a discus. Chariot events have been gone from the Olympics but we still use the discus event.

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