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The sport is called the "Shot Put". The shot is 'put' as far from the contestant as possible.

So the question is, "How heavy is the shot in the 'shot put event' for boys aged 15?"

The answer is 12 pounds.

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Q: How heavy is shot put for boys aged 15?
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How heavy is the shot put for juniors?

for girls aged 12 it is 2.72

How heavy is the shot put for boys in middle school?

too big for you

What is shot put weight for 12 year old boys?

The typical girls' shot put is eight pounds, but some girls prefer throwing a 12 pound shot.

What is a shot in shot put?

the shot put is a round heavy ball that ranges from 8lbs for girls and 12 lbs for boys . most played as a field even in track and field .. and this is a great sport (to me )

In which olympic event would you hurl a heavy metal ball?

Shot put. It's a track and field event usually.

Facts about shot put?

A shot put is a heavy round ball (almost like a huge bullet) that is used in Track and Field. The athlete will take the shot put and throw it into the air. The person who throws it the farthest will get the most points and win.

What is high school record for boys shot put?

237 feet.

A middle school shot put ball?

At my school we throw with a six pound shot put. most boys shots are 8.8 pounds

differences between discus throw and shot put?

A discus is a disc, and a shot put is a metal ball

What is ptothsu unscrambled?

The anagram is shotput (shot-put, tossing a heavy ball).

What kind of ball is heavy?

a medicine ball, a bowling ball, a shot put

How do you use weights forTaylormade r7 fairway woods?

The weights are used as follows for a high shot you put the heaviest weights at the back. For a low shot, you put the heaviest weights are the front. For a draw you put the heavy weights on the heel side. For a fade you put the heavy weights on the toe side.