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10 kg

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Q: How heavy is a bike in the tour the france?
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Is Tour de France a person or a bike race?

The Tour de France is the most famous bike race in the world.

What is the name of the famous cross-France bike ride held every year?

Le tour de France

When did the first tour of france bike race take place and who won?

Maurice Garin won the first Tour de France in 1903.

What events go on in France?

Tour de France. a big, anual bike race. all it is, is professional bike racers that ride around France every year.

What famous bicycle race is every summer all over France?

The Tour de France, possibly the world's premier bike race.

What brand of bike does team Sky ride in the Tour de France 2012?


What is the longest bike race in france?

Tour de France, with a total distance of up to 3.500 kilometers/2.200 miles.

What does tdf mean?

Tour De France, a multi-stage bike race in France spanning over several days.

Which is the longest cycling event in the world?

Overall Longest: Tour Divide, mountain bike race. Road: Le Tour de France

What type of bicycle did eddy merckx ride in the 1969 tour de France?

A race road bike

What bike did Lance Armstrong ride in the Tour De France?

It's a drop bar road bike for most of the race, and a time-trial road bike for the individual pursuit stage.

Make of bike that won the 1980 tour de france?

Raleigh was the make of the bicycle, ridden by Joop Zoetemelk.