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The Olympics have changed through the past hundred years majorly by having added new sports to it and allowing women to participate. They have also added the Special Olympics.

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Q: How have the Olympics changed through the last hundred years?
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How have the Olympics changed over the years?

The Olympics has changed throughout the years by allowing professional athletes to compete. In the past, the Olympics were any for amateur athletes (those who do not receive money for competing in their sport).

What has changed in the Olympics over the last 50 years?

the stadeams

How have the Olympics changed the last 100 years?

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How did the history of the Olympics evolve?

The Olympics has taken place for one hundred years and new countries have joined and new sports have been accepted.

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How many gold medals has India won in the Olympics through the years?


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Why was there a 1994 Winter Olympics if there was one in 1992?

It was decided to have the winter and summer Olympics on in different years. The winter Olympics were changed so that there is an Olympic event every 2 years. Rather than make the winter Olympians wait 6 years to the next event, it was decided to start the new timing in 1994 instead. Both winter and summer games are every 4 years now.

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Why were there both summer and winter Olympics in 1984?

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