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Cheerleading uniforms have changed dramatically over the years. The biggest way they have changed is the size and fit. Uniforms used to be somewhat modest and bigger on the cheerleaders.

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Q: How have cheerleading uniforms facilities and equipment changed?
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How have the uniforms changed since cheerleading was invented?

a lot of things have changed such as the material, and the skirts are shorter, and the tops a lot of the time are higher up on the stomache

How have cheerleading equipment changed?

there was never any equipment. the only equipment cheerleaders might wear is a wrist, knee, ankle, or any other joint supporter to assist with tumbling and stunting.

How has cheerleading changed?

It's changed many ways since it was invented. Cheerleading has gotten more competitive. Also, it has gotten harder.

How has cheerleading changed over the years?

The rules and different stunts

What NFL teams have never changed there uniforms?

The Colts.

Where did cheerleading start and how is it different from today?

well i looked it up a while ago and it appeared to be like all guys that cheered now obviously its mostly girls and the uniforms hav changed a lot cos it used to be really long uniforms and that and now its not, lol i know that i dont really know but i hope it kind of helped :P ;) x

How has soccer changed overtime?

The uniforms have changed they are more sweat absorbent, and they have designs and different colors on them

When the Houston oilers changed uniforms to the Tennessee Titans what was their record that year?

They changed uniforms in 1999 and went 13-3, won three playoff games, and went to Superbowl XXXIV.

Has cheerleading rules changed at all?

YESS in many ways tumbling stunting and jumping

How has basketball changed over time?

The uniforms have changed,the courts have been stronger, and the injuries occur more.

Which NFL team has never changed locations?

The Pittsburgh Steelers! They have changed facilities, but not hometowns.

Had the uniforms changed from the time of World War 1 to World War 2 this is for my homework so please help?

Yes , the uniforms had changed from world war to world war such as the field uniform of those who served in the first world war went from khaki colored to that of olive drab , the helmets changed shapes , field packs changed , dress uniforms changed , etc ... ~ see link below .

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