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Basketball has changed dramatically from when it was first invented by James Naismith in 1891.

Here are some of the ways it has changed:

  • There are many more rules. It originally had 13.
  • The baskets are not peach baskets like they were in the beginning. Now the basket includes a rim, a net, and a backboard.
  • The ball is a basketball, and not a soccer ball.
  • The number of players was changed. Originally there were 9 people on the court, 3 guards, 3 centers, and 3 forwards. Now there are five.
  • Naismith had a janitor get the ball every time a basket was made.
  • These days almost every American school has a girl's basketball team and a boy's basketball team. Many schools have different levels and grades.
  • The three point line was invented.
  • The "three second" rule was added.
  • The shot-blocking rule was added.
  • The players uniforms have changed from really short shorts to like, almost pants.
  • The arc below the basket in the key is added for charges
  • Many stats like technical fouls and flagrant fouls were recorded as official stats
  • And originally you couldn't move with the ball or it would be traveling. Eventually people started dropping the ball to be able to move with it and dribbling was invented
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Q: How has the game of basketball changed since it was invented?
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