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it has changed because they used different eqptment

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Q: How has the equipment of soccer changed over the past century?
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Has soccer rules changed?

Yes over the years the soccer rules have been changed by F.I.f.A.

How has the game of soccer changed over time?

how does soccer game changes over time

What has changed over the years in soccer?

the rules

How has soccer changed over the years?

Soccer has changed because the things they wear and the football style.

How has the soccer equipment change over years?

Soccer gear has changed over the years by in 2008-09 soccer season a rule was passed stating that shin guards must be appropriately sized and will be checked. If it is the correct size and shape for the player it will be stamped so the checking process will go faster. Also, the gear of the players is checked (and changed) if the gear is not rule compliant.

How was the soccer equipment in the olden days?

Since soccer was first codified in England over 100 years ago, the equipment has remained the same: shirt with sleeves, shorts, socks, shin guards, and shoes. The only things that have changed are the quality in materials and technology to make the equipment lighter, stronger, and more comfortable.

How has curling changed over time?

The rules and equipment have changed over time.The only thing that hasn't changed is the spirit of it.

How has netball equipment has changed over the years?

No not really

How has equipment changed in football over many years?

It certainly has

How has the computer changed over the years?

To put it simply, almost all (if not all) new phones could beat an entire room full of equipment half a century ago.

How has golf equipment changed over the years?

golf has changed as it was once wood and now it has became metal ]

How has pop music changed over the last century?

by ichel jackson

Why is soccer popular in Spain?

Soccer is popular all over the world - it is an easy to understand game that needs very little equipment and can be played almost anywhere.

How has football equipment and clothing changed over the past 100 years?

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Why has music in films changed over the past century?

Because the music has improved.

What are the advantages of using a soccer backpack over a normal backpack?

A soccer backpack would be better for carrying sports equipment than a regular backpack. A soccer backpack usually has compartments to carry a water bottle in.

How as soccer changed over the years?

It has evolved a lot, i remember a long time ago there was no offside rule.

How has soccer equipment changed over time?

Liverpool has more than manu. In last 1000 games liverpool has won 652 of them and manu 301 and 47 draw... Liverpool is the greatest club in England which has won 8 European cups

How has uniforms changed in soccer?

Soccer uniforms get changed most seasons by their team, using different colours, styles and designs. Broader changes over many years have seen slight differences in short length and things like that.

How has scientific discoveries about global warming changed over the years?

new technology better equipment

How has sport changed over time?

Most obviously, rules and equipment for personal health and safety.

How have land and resource use changed over the past century?

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What do love letters from the 19th Century show?

How relationships grew and changed over time

How have cars changed over the last centruary?

Thought I might help here. *Century.

Have the rules for Soccer remained the same over time?

No, the Laws of the Game do not remain the same over time. They have been changed a little bit over the years by FIFA, soccer's world governing body to better accommodate play and improve the game.