How has tennis changed?

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During history, tennis had many changes. Historical researches say that tennis was played in ancient Greece. In 12th century in France was popular game called "Paume". In 19th century major Walter Wingfield invented a version of Real Tennis that can be played outdoors on a lawn. That was a birth of modern tennis game.

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Q: How has tennis changed?
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because the sport has changed...

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How has tennis changed over the years?

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How long are balls used in pro tennis?

Pro-tennis balls are changed after the first seven and nine games.

Can the tennis be changed to singles instead of doubles on each side?


When colour tv started is not an answer to your question i asked when yellow balls replaced white in tennis?

That is exactly why they changed the color of tennis balls...

Has table tennis changed over time?

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How has Venus Williams changed the way you live today?

She has changed society we live today by revolutionizing the way we play tennis today

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in the past, the tennis balls were heavier and harder but now it is softer and lighter. i hope i answered your question. bye!

How has the tennis court been changed?

Hold down 2 when starting a game of tennis, just after picking character, before it shows your opponents. You get blue court.

Why are tennis balls changed during the match?

Tennis balls are changed during a match because when the can is opened the balls start losing pressure immediatly, reducing the bounce with each shot. This difference is not dramatic as tennis balls can be used over and over but professionals change balls so that they can get the most power and spin from their shots.

How has tennis changed since its early days?

Apparently, the French invented it during the French Revolution. It was once called "Lawn Tennis" and obviously played on grass or carpet.

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