How has tennis changed?

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During history, tennis had many changes. Historical researches say that tennis was played in ancient Greece. In 12th century in France was popular game called "Paume". In 19th century major Walter Wingfield invented a version of Real Tennis that can be played outdoors on a lawn. That was a birth of modern tennis game.

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Q: How has tennis changed?
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Why have tennis balls changed?

because the sport has changed...

How long are balls used in pro tennis?

Pro-tennis balls are changed after the first seven and nine games.

Have the rules of tennis changed over time?


How has tennis changed over the years?

i dont know? ROAR

When colour tv started is not an answer to your question i asked when yellow balls replaced white in tennis?

That is exactly why they changed the color of tennis balls...

Can the tennis be changed to singles instead of doubles on each side?


How have tennis balls changed over the years?

in the past, the tennis balls were heavier and harder but now it is softer and lighter. i hope i answered your question. bye!

Why are tennis balls changed during the match?

Tennis balls are changed during a match because when the can is opened the balls start losing pressure immediatly, reducing the bounce with each shot. This difference is not dramatic as tennis balls can be used over and over but professionals change balls so that they can get the most power and spin from their shots.

How has Venus Williams changed the way you live today?

She has changed society we live today by revolutionizing the way we play tennis today

Has table tennis changed over time?

your question is to simple noob n33b

How has the tennis court been changed?

Hold down 2 when starting a game of tennis, just after picking character, before it shows your opponents. You get blue court.

How has tennis changed since its early days?

Apparently, the French invented it during the French Revolution. It was once called "Lawn Tennis" and obviously played on grass or carpet.

How has participation in tennisl changed?

Tennis suffered declines from the 1990s into the 2000s. Tennis associations sponsored programs across the country to promote the game, but participation still slid.

How have tennis balls changed?

The pressure in tennis balls has been reduced and the size of tennis balls has increased to take away some of the advantages derived from modern rackets, which enables players to generate tremendous power without extra physical effort.

How long does a tennis ball last?

Two opposing professional tennis players can go through a brand new tennis ball in under an hour. It really depends on the use of the tennis ball, though. If the tennis ball just sits around and is only played with a few hours a week at a non-competitive level, then the new tennis ball can last about three weeks until definite characteristics of the tennis ball have changed.

What is the literature of tennis?

Tennis is popular among the people for thousands of years in some form or other. Initially the ball was hit with the hand. Tennis was developed in Europe and then became popular in other parts of the world. In 18th century it was called 'jeu de paumme'. Later on the name was changed to royal or 'real tennis'.

What sports uniform rules have changed to acknowledge religious and cultural differences throughout the world?

Tennis is a sport where the rules have changed to acknowledge religious and cultural differences throughout the world.

How has technology changed tennis?

it improve the the tennis game and help tennis players over the years because in the 16th century tennis was invented the raquet was bigger than our modern day raquet tecnology reeduced the size of the raquet and made it easier for our modern day tennis players. Also the ball machine that throws the balls that helps the players practice instead of the people throwing the balls for them

Has table tennis rules changed?

The International rules of table tennis were first compiled in 1926 and they have been continually amended and rewritten ever since. They are now reviewed and amended once a year.

What are the Equipment changes of tennis?

One change in equipment in the sport of Tennis, is the racquet. The racquet used to be a small head and a long neck. They changed it to what it is today because the "sweet spot" of the racquet was enlarged, making it easier and better to use.

What events changed or shaped Serena's Willam's life?

Serena is a phenomenal tennis player. She has earned lots and lots of money 'cause of that.

How have the rules of tennis changed?

For what i know no rules in tennis has change its the same maybe one or two rules has changed. Maybe im wrong and maybe im not like this no one is always right well everyone had said something wrong no one is evr right sometimes they are well anyway that is what i think you can see if rules had change that's why we have this site to ask and answer.

How have tennis racquets changed over time?

At first the racquets were made of wood. Then the Wilson company produced a racquet made of steel. Followed by it many leading companies modified it and gave us the present different model tennis racquets.

WHY does tennis use strange scoring?

The reason tennis uses strange scoring is because in England they used to play by the clock tower so fifteen, thirty and then somewhere along the wayfortyfive got changed to just forty then game (or sixty).

What did old tennis balls look like?

Before television was invented, tennis balls were white. They would have remained this way if television had not been broadcast on live TV This was because people couldn't see the white tennis balls flying across the screen. So, they were changed to neon green/yellow so that viewers could see them.