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If you were to breed a long distance thoroughbred racehorse with short distance racehorse you might get a middle distance racehorse

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Q: How has selective breeding used to improve the racing ability of a horses?
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How would selective breeding be used to improve the racing ability of horses?

Selective breeding would ensure that all the racing horses would be of higher quality. Breeders could only breed horses with racing qualities to make race horses.

Is selective breeding used to improve the phenotype of plants?

Yes. Selective breeding is also used to improve or otherwise change breeds of dogs, cats, horses, cows, and so forth.

One example of selective breeding?

well, two examples of selective breeding are horses and canine

Why might selective breeding be used for horses?

health reasons

Why might selective breeding be used on horses?

Because they want the best charactersistics for the horses.

When man chooses what two horses are to mate for speed this is called?

Selective breeding/ pure breeding

Why do people use selective breeding for horses?

Selective breeding - allows breeders to reduce or remove unwanted 'traits' in animals - and enhance those traits that are beneficial.

How is selective breeding affected on racing horses?

It's very important. Thoroughbred racing is a billion dollar industry so the breeding programs are vital to get the fastest horses possible. Bloodlines are studied so the resulting foal has the best genes for speed and the ability to run distances.

What is it When humans select organisms for breeding based on desired traits?

"Selective breeding"; for example, cross-breeding strains of corn to produce sweeter taste or better popping, or selecting horses to breed to produce faster horses.

Without genetic engineering would horses have been domesticated?

Horses were domesticated long before the concept of genetic engineering was even selective breeding.

How have horses changed through selective breeding?

The 'natural horse' would be most similarly represented by the Przewalski's Horse, a small stocky tan-colored wild horse that lives in Mongolia. All modern horse breeds demonstrate selective breeding for different traits, from draft horses to running horses to small ponies.

Selective breeding on horses?

Well, different horses have different kinds of breeding.LIke a thourough-bred needs to be bred proffesionally but with a clydesdale you need to let them get on with it themselves. But it's mainly the same as human breeding.

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