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Q: How has lance Armstrong made the world a better place?
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Who is the most fit person in the world?

Lance Armstrong!

What do bad world tour revlon lance armstrong have in common?

Sheryl Crow

When did lance armstrong die?

Even though Lance Armstrong's career was nearly tarnished, he still remains on his bicycle to this day. He is not a retired man, and he is respected all over the world.

Who accused lance Armstrong of doping?

I think it was a person in this world who is kinda stupid if u ask me

Why was lance Armstrong determined?

He was determined because he had cancer and wanted to prove to himself and to the world that he was stronger than his cancer.

How did Armstrong help the world?

Lance Armstrong has been a role model for many due to defeating cancer and continuing to compete (and win) in the Tour de'France and other bicycle races.

How did Lance Armstrong help the world?

Lance Armstrong changed our lives today because he helped raise so much money for the cancer awareness and made people believe that they can get through cancer and they can be strong.

Lance Armstrong Real Gone Revlon bad world tour stop global warming all have who in common?

Sheryl Crow

What would happen if maths was not invented?

the world would be a better place the world would be a better place the world would be a better place the world would be a better place

How did lance Armstrong immediately change the world when he stepped foot on the moon?

Well, one of the old Country and Western singers once said "Why is everyone so concerned about Lance Armstrong taking drugs" For all that its worth, he won bike races while on drugs. When I took drugs, I couldn´t even find my bike" There is no way of knowing if Lance Armstrong thought that he was on the Moon while he was high ... And, if you ever watched the Muppet Show with Louis Armstrong, you would have immediately realized that he and Kermit had a lot in common. But what Neil Armstrong did, when he set foot on the moon, was being the first person in history ever to step on a planetary body other than Earth ....

Do washing your clothes make the world a better place?

Do washing machines make the world a better place.

Why did he make the world a better place?

he made this world a better place by helping the baseball win the game