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Golf has changed as it was once wood and now it has became metal ]

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Q: How has golf equipment changed over the years?
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How has netball equipment has changed over the years?

No not really

How has equipment changed in football over many years?

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How has golf changed over time?

Golf has changed a lot over the years. There are many more clubs than there used to be; irons, wedges, woods and putters. The ball flight and the construction of the golf balls has also changed a lot. There are also much more golf courses in the world and many more famous golfers.

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i like men

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Hockey really wasn't developed until about 1895 or so. The basic rules are much the same but have been changed and refined over the years. The same is true for the equipment. Basic equipment is the same but has been improved with new materials and technologies as they have become available over the years.

Why has basketball changed over the years?

the game of basketball has changed over the years because of the fact that the equipment has changed and such as the shoes the rim the ball and even the umber of players that can play at one time on the court. not only that but the rules have been added to and they now have calls

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Cheerleading uniforms have changed dramatically over the years. The biggest way they have changed is the size and fit. Uniforms used to be somewhat modest and bigger on the cheerleaders.

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The rules and equipment have changed over time.The only thing that hasn't changed is the spirit of it.

How has wave rock changed over the years?

Wave rock has changed over the years because it has changed colour

How has ice hockey equipment changed over the years?

Protective equipment has become stronger, and are now made of light-weight materials that do not absorb liquids. (perspiration, melted ice/water)

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Golf was invented at St. Andrews, Scotland over 600 years ago.

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Modern golf was invented during the Middle Ages in Scotland. It is unknown as to who invented the golf clubs but thy have changed and developed over the course of time.

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