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because you suck a pe nis

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Q: How has football helmets effected society in a negative way?
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What affect did the knowledge transfer from outhe cultures have on medieval society?

The knowledge of other cultures effected the medieval society. How it effected the medieval society is there other belief's, values, money and society. The beliefs what people had in different gods and Churches than the medieval society had. The different technology they used, the values what they give and how much money they had. This effected medieval society.

How did Katherine Dunham effect society?

She effected jazz dances.

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Zeus has effected our society by manufactures and Commericals showing allusions toward Zeus

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we now know what will happen when and where with the radio

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The icon helmets are used to protect words so that they do not get hit on the head. It is very important that words don't get hit on the head because they are very important to our society.

Was there a positive or negative impact on society?

prompt:how did the railroads impact society, was it a positive impact or negative ?explain

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Octavian effected modern society with his royal court system and the destruction of the sovereign Jewish state.

How does negative connotation affect society in a negative way?

cause it does

Why do you have to have a dot approved helmet to legally ride on the road?

Because society got tired of paying for the health care associated with avoidable head injuries on riders not wearing good enough helmets or no helmets at all.

Negative impact of IT on society?

all the nerds

Television has had a significant influence on the culture of many society that television has positively effected the cultural?

I believe it has. Somethings possible not.,

what is positive and negative influence of marketing on society?

A positive influence of marketing on society is boosting the economy. A negative influence is consumer confusion when the market is too vast.