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Q: How good is it if you run 230 yards in 25 seconds And how fast would that be for a 40 yard dash?
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How fast will your 60 yd be if you run your 40 yard dash in 4.27seconds?

Running 40 yards in 4.2 seconds is equal to running 19.5 MPH.

How fast does Tim Dwight run the 40 yard dash?

40 yards in 4.8 seconds.

5.8 seconds hundred meters equals how fast in hundred yards?

5.3 seconds for 100 yards.

How fast would you have to be running to cover 60 yards in 5.28 seconds?

23.243822 miles per hour

If you run the 50 yard dash and get 7.2 how fast are you going in miles per hour?

1 miles = 5280/3 yards = 1760 yards. 50 yards / 1760 yards/mile ~= 0.02841 miles 7.2 seconds / 3600 seconds/hour ~= 0.002 hours 0.02841 miles / 0.001833 hours ~= 14.2 miles per hour In general divide 102.27 by your time in seconds to get mph.

How fast is Reggie Bush?

198 yards in 3.4 seconds

How fast is Micheal Vick?

40 yards in 4 seconds

How fast can Noel Devine dash 40 yards?

Noel Devine holds the record for a 40 yard dash, which he set some time ago. His time was three seconds and 86 hundredth of a second. This time still stands.

What is fast for a 100 meter dash?

Approximately 8 seconds

If you run the 200 meters in 27.6 seconds how fast would that be if you ran in yards?

200 meters in 27.6 seconds equates to 16.21 miles per hour.

How fast would 10.8 in a 100 meters be in 100 yards?

Assuming the same average rate of travel, since 100 yards is 0.9144 times the size of 100 metres, 10.8 seconds for 100 metres would correspond to 10.8 x 0.9144 = 9.87552 seconds for the 100 yards.

How fast can a female lioness run 100 yards?

10 seconds