How good are watford football club?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Watford F.C. finished in 16th place in the Coca-Cola Football League Championship in the 2009-10 season. Despite this, they were in the highest division of English football in 1983, finishing in 2nd place, whilst also competing in the UEFA Cup in the same season. In 1984 they also managed to reach the FA Cup final but lost out to Everton in a 2-0 defeat.

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Watford are the best as we are. it's just fact we've got malky mackay who is the best manager in the world.

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Q: How good are watford football club?
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What year did Beko sponsor Watford Football Club?

im a watford fan myself and it was in 2008 i think

Did juanjo sign on loan for Watford football club?

no, simple answer

Who be came chairman of watford football club in 1977?

Elton John is who you are referring to but he actually became Chairman of Watford in 1976.

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Who is the famous TV cook and joint shareholder of a football club?

Delia Smith. She's a shareholder in Watford football club - and a TV chef.

What type of sport team is Watford FC?

Watford F.C. is only a nickname for the team. The sport that Watford plays however is football. They were brought into the West Hertfordshire sports club in the year of 1890.

Which sports team did Elton John sing about?

He's never actually OWNED one, but he was Chairman and Director of Watford FC from 1976 to 2008.

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Celtic football club is a good club in scotland. it always stands first or second.

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Who is the watford football manager?

Brendan Rodgers

What English football team are nicknamed the hornets?

Watford FC

What are the two main football clubs in hertfordshire?

Watford and Stevenage Borough.