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Q: How good are Wilson dyna pro sx clubs?
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What is the value of Wilson northWestern golf clubs?

Not very much maybe $5 to $10 dollars, these clubs were sold in department stores not pro shops.

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Pro select Golf clubs

Who makes pro select nxt golf clubs?

Pro select golf clubs

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Andrew KimballAndreas JohnsonAndrés RomeroJim FurykSergio GarcíaRetief GoosenSean O'HairDustin JohnsonStian LanggårdJustin RoseMike WeirDanny LeeJason Day

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According to the Nike website Michelle currently (2011) uses the following clubs: SQ Machspeed Blackdriver VR Pro Fairway Woods VR Pro Blades (irons) METHOD Putter VR Pro Wedge VR Pro Hybrids Yes all Nike clubs but she did not always use Nike. In the June issue of SI Michelle is pictured using Titleist clubs. She was 13 and she has won several tournament and now a star on any course she graces. But as for today she swings Nike clubs.

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