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Nine. Eight in Field Hockey (1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1980). In the 2008 Games in Beijing, Abhinav Bindra became the first Indian to win gold in an individual event when he won the men's 10 meter air rifle competition. This was India's 9th gold medal in Olympic competition.

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Q: How gold medals India won in olympic since 1900?
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What did the 1900 Paris olympic winners get instead of medals?


How many Olympic medals has Canada won since 1900?

As of August 18, Canada has won 251 Summer Olympic Medals (57 gold, 88 silver, 106 bronze) and 119 Winter Olympic medals (38 gold, 38 silver, 43 bronze).

How many gold India won in Olympic till today?

Since India started participating in the Olympic games in 1900, it has won 9 gold medals, mostly in field hockey. If you mean London Olympic 2012, India didn't won any gold medal so far. Only 2 bronze (shooting and badminton) and 1 silver (shooting).

Who was the first Olympic medalist from India?

Norman Pritchard won India's and Asia's first-ever Olympic Medals when he finished second in both the 200m and 200m hurdles at the 1900 Paris Olympics.Note:Norman was part of the Great Britain team but the IOC recognise both his medals as a member of the Indian team.

When did India first compete in the Olympics?

India first sent an athlete to the Olympics in 1900. His name was Norman Pritchard and he was of British descent. But since he was born in Calcutta, he qualified to compete for India. He won silver medals in the 200 meter dash and the 200 meter hurdles at the 1900 Games, held in Paris. The first team of athletes sent to the Olympics from India was in 1920. India has competed in every Summer Olympic Games since 1920.

How many Olympic medals did France win in the year 1900?

France won 101 medals at the 1900 Olympics (26 gold, 41 silver, 34 bronze).

What country got the most gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1900?

France (26).

What country got the most silver medals at the Olympic Games in 1900?

France (41).

What country got the most bronze medals at the Olympic Games in 1900?

USA (27).

Who is the first American to win four gold medals in the Olympics?

Alvin Kraenzlein. He won 4 gold medals at the 1900 Paris Olympic Games.

Which year did India first participate in the Olympic Games?

There was a lone athlete representing India at the 1900 Games in Paris. His name was Norman Pritchard (born in Calcutta) and he won silver medals in the 200 meter dash and 200 meter hurdles. The first year India sent a team of athletes to the Olympics was the 1920 Games in Antwerp. India has competed in every Summer Olympics since 1920.

Who was the first American woman to win an Olympic gold medals?

Margaret Abbott in ladies golf at the 1900 Games in Paris.

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