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Depends on how much you use that stick. If you just play rec hockey once a week then you might get a few games or so with one tape job, depends on how much you shoot or stick handle the puck. But if it gets ripped or starts peeling then change it right away. Also change it if you notice on the bottom of the blade the tape getting worn away.

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depending on how often you have the puck on our stick really... its a wear and tear thing. Almost always after practice because of the number of shots and passes, but during a game it really depends on how much you do with your stick. always re tape if the bottom of your blade is showing through the tape. When you tape it... start as far towards the tip as you like and work your way towards the heal for the best puck control, hope that helps!

depends on what kinda shots u take if u take mad rist shots, not as often as someun who winds up often. if u find ur self taping it too often, consider waxing ur stick.

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Q: How frequently should you re-tape your hockey stick?
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