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Football was a casual game with few rules when it was first played. Often, the men of one village played against the men of another village with the playing area stretching between the two villages. The ball was often nothing more than an animal bladder and the chances of it lasting the whole game were fairly remote. As the game developed, balls were manufactured from leather but every village made balls of different sizes and shapes. It was only in the last century that the size of the ball was agreed throughout the country. As the ball became standardized, so did the rules. The modern football was not invented so much as developed over more than a century. Football's now are much lighter than previously and so its much better to curl the ball with a a shot. In 1863 when England had written the rules for Football the ball specification was listed.

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Football has changed in many ways from the equipment to who plays on the team. Back in the 1800's they had almost no protection, in the1900's the protection advanced because of science now we over 1000 ways to protecting yourself from getting hurt. Now when it come to who play's on the team is a different story back in the 1800's only college men played then to children then to adult women then to youth gils yes girls can play. and they are a little bit better than the boys but football has evovled into a big sport but there is no way to explain the dramatic changes.

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Click on the 'Evolution of the Football' link on this page to read about the history of the football and the changes made to it throughout time.

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Football evolved from Rugby. The founders changed the rules around alittle and ta da! Football!

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Q: How football envolved into modern football?
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