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Q: How fast was Mike Tyson hand speed?
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How fast was Muhammad ali?

I've seen a youtube video of him in training and some scenes of his fights, where they showed his speed. Then I stopped time while I watched him punching and doing the "Ali shuffle" and looked how fast he was. Here are the results: Hand speed: - 60's Ali(prime): 5 punches in 1 second - 70's Ali-ca. 1974: 4 punches in 1 second Footwork speed: - 60's Ali(prime): 7 footsteps in 1 second - 70's Ali-ca. 1974: 5 footsteps in 1 second I took Mike Tyson for comparsion and made the same experiment also with a YouTube vid of Mike's training. Here are the results: Hand speed(ca. 1988-prime): 6 punches in 1 second Footwork speed: 5 footsteps in 1 second You can see that Muhammad Ali had the fastest feet ever in heavyweight history. Even as an older man in boxing he was still as fast as a prime Mike Tyson. Tyson rates higher in hand speed. I can make 6 punches in 1 second, like Tyson, but I'm only a very fast middleweight fighter. Tyson and Ali were that fast with a weight of 220 pounds, I'm only 154 pounds and still one of the fastest guys I know. With 220 pounds I would probably even have problems with throwing 2 punches in 1 second. When you want to know how fast Ali was and comparing him to you, try throwing 5 punches in 1 second or making 7 footsteps in 1 second. I bet you would fail.

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How do you beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out?

When he does his special, block all hits by pushing down each time he rotates.. after 5 blocks punch him in the face , or star punch.. instant knockdown. His combination punches to inflict normal damage on him are: right punch(face), dodge left, Right punch face, repeat. when that stopps working and he swings low, dodge him and body punch him in the same side as the hand he swung, continue punching alternating hands to the body. Youll get a star for each punch.. Hope i helped you out.

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How to Develop Faster Hand Speed by Hitting the Speed Bag?

One of the best advantages a boxer can have in the ring is a set of fast hands. A great way to develop a pair of fast hands is by hitting a speed bag. In order to develop hand speed, one must be able to consistently keep a speed bag rolling. The speed bag may seem slightly daunting to new boxers, but with some hard work and dedication, they will obtain fast hands in no time. For those who are new to the speed bag, it is recommended that they start at a steady pace then proceed to gradually work up their speed using small increments. However, experienced boxers can begin their hand speed training regiment immediately. Using a speed bag requires different methods to be learned. The two most common methods to building lightening fast hands are the one, two, three, and the one, two rhythm.1. One, Two, ThreeThe one, two, three method is the most common approach to the speed bag. To execute this method, strike the speed bag with the front of the knuckles allowing the bag to his the board three times. After the bag hit’s the board three times, proceed to hit the speed bad for an additional six times using the side of the fist. After, this has been done, repeat using the left hand in the same fashion. This method is called the one, to three, because the bag is getting hit three times with one hand before the transition to the other. Once this method has been mastered, proceed to challenge your abilities by increasing the speed of the count. By doing this, the boxer is developing twitch like reflexes in both hands. This is great for finding holes in the opponents defense and successfully executing strikes.2. One, TwoUsing the one, two method is slightly more difficult than the one, two, three. To perform the one, two method, strike the speed bag with the front knuckles of the right hand allowing the bag to hit the board three times. After that, strike the bag with the side of the left hand for an addition three counts. Using this method is essential for developing great shoulder endurance and jab-cross speed. When these two methods have been perfected, it is time to mix it up.3. Mixing it UpAfter learning these two common methods of approaching the speed bag, the real fun begins. To mix it up, start with twelve counts using the one, two, three method and then proceed by doing twelve counts of the one, two method. Doing this improves the boxer’s hand-eye coordination and speed by switching up the striking methods. Since a boxer must first successfully obtain hand speed before they can switch their methods while hitting the speed bag, they know their hard work has been paying off once this approach can be completed.Many great boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Mike Tyson all had one thing in common: hand speed. Having a slick pair of fast hands is one the most sought after additions to a boxer’s repertoire. With a little hard work and dedication, you too can have those lightening fast hands that bring home the championship belt.

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