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Legend has Mantle at 3.1 from home to first. We know that Ichiro, considered the fastest in the game today has been timed at 3.7 so few believe Mantle could have been this fast. Unfortunately we do not have any solid evidence from the Mantle period to corroborate the 3.1 reports.

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It's a fact, not myth. The 3.1 was recorded many times.
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Q: How fast was Mickey mantle from home to first base?
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Can you slide to first base in fast pitch softball?

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How fast was mickey mantle?

This is supposedly true! But I personally heard Mantle being interviewed and asked about that 3.1 speed from home to first. And his answer was (paraphrasing) "yeah, but you gotta remember it was while I was drag bunting." In other words he sort of had a running start to begin with. I also remember from the interview how he downplayed that 565' home run by reminding the interviewer that (paraphrase) "yeah but that included the ball rolling on the ground to a stop." He was a real honest guy! He was my favorite! Wayne Arthur

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What is the reason that runners are allowed to overrun first base and not be tagged out?

When you're already on base, you have the option of leading off of the base. When going to first, you have a disadvantage because you have to follow through with your swing, drop the bat, regain your balance, and run. You already know ahead of time if you hit a ball through the infield for a base hit, but if the ball is still in the infield, you must run as fast as you can to reach the base before the ball gets there. This is the reason they allow you to overrun first base.