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he ran a 4.21 in his forty yard dash in Miami

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Q: How fast should a college defensive lineman run the 40 yard dash?
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How fast should a defensive back be?

40 yard dash- college athlete- 4.4

What is the average 40 yd dash for an NFL lineman?

Around 4.9-5.2

Fastest lineman 40 yard dash?

Terron Armstead ran a 4.65 40 yard dash at the 2013 combine.

Is a 5.89 a good 40 yard dash time for a 9th grade lineman?


Average offensive lineman 40 yard dash?

The average oline 40yard dash is 5.24 sec.... 4.6-4.7 is prestige

Is a 5.4 40 yard dash good for a sophomore defensive end you tried linebacker but you'm to slow I am pretty strong for a 15 year old but not that fast should you try offensive tackle or what?

Im going into 8th grade as a defensive end and my 40 is 5.4 butt im small for a def end. so your fine. Try to get a 5.1 by the end of the year thats my goal. and also your to fast to be a lineman.

How fast is a 8.2 in 40 yard dash?

slow. most pro lineman are under 5 seconds.

How fast should a college corner back run the 40 yard dash?


Im in 8th grade football im 167 pounds and 5'9 and i did a forty yard dash and i did it around 9 seconds what position should i play i want to be a defensive end or line backer?

Defensive tackle.

How can a 271 pound defensive lineman run faster in the 40 yard dash if he has bad knees and runs stiffly?

If the damage to the knees is not too bad*, then stretching and/or yoga can make it happen. It takes time however. (*my opinion- if it's chronic pain, then the damage is too bad.)

Nflcom who is the fastest defensive in the 40 meters dash in the nfl?

Dwight Freeney runs a 4.4

What is average college corner 40 yard dash?


Is a 4.66 fast for a 40 yard dash?

Depends upon your level and your position.It is good enough for almost any position in high school, and good enough in college for anything except wide receivers and defensive backs at elite colleges.In the pros, it is probably only good enough for "slow" positions, like QB, defensive line, etc.

Should Ten-year have a dash?

Either with or without a dash is fine

Lincoln town car dash does light on when starting?

I do not understand the question. Do want to know if the dash light should come on? Or should not come on? Which dash light are you talking about?

Who is the fastest linemen in the NFL?

Dwight Freeney, who has run a 4.3 second 40-yard dash, plays defensive end for the Indianapolis Colts.

Amani toomer 40 yard dash time?

4.49 out of college4.49 out of college

What is Jason taylor's forty yard dash?

Jason Taylor had ran the 40 yard dash in 4.55 seconds. Taylor retired from the NFL in 2011 and he played most of his career with the Miami Dolphins. He was a defensive end and linebacker.

Is a 5.9 second 40yd dash considered to be explosive speed for a 11 year old QB?

umm not explosive. but not horrible. i am 13 and i ran a 5.2 40 time. but when i was 12 i ran a 6.0... but I was a lineman

What is their average time for a college sprinter in the 400 meter dash?

im in college my PB is 58.09 im mostly avrage when i compete

What is a good college track 200m dash time?

Under 24 is a fast time for high-school upperclassmen and college athletes.

How fast does mike alstott run a 40 yard dash?

Mike Alstott ran a 4.66 40-yard dash in his college combine in 1996.

What is 3-4 defense football?

it's a kind of defense where 3 defensive linemen are used, with 4 linebackers playing behind them. in this scheme usually one linebacker is used to rush the quarterback and the d linemen all have to be big and athletic enough to occupy multiple blockers, especially the d-tackle. the best example of a 3-4 d-tackle is albert haynesworth, who occupies 2 blockers on every play with his size and athleticism. In the 3-4 the 3 defensive lineman or different in that they have to big bigger. The best example is Alabama. The defensive ends in a 3-4 defense would more than likely play defensive tackle in the 4-3 scheme. You want your 3-4 defensive ends to be in the 280-305 pound range. That way they still have enough athletic ability. And you want your NoseTackle to be ideally 320 or heavier preferbally about 335-340 because he has got to be big enough to clog up the holes on either side of the center. At linebacker your Outside rush linebackers need to be guys that would play 4-3 defensive end such as Demarcus Ware, The ideal college size for these guys would be the 6-3 to 6-5 range with guys that way 245-270. And your inside linebackers need to be in the 6-0 to 6-2 range and way 235-260. When your looking at College 4-3 defensive ends that would be the best to convert to 3-4 lb's in the nfl the best 2 examples are LSU'S Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo. Montgomery is around 6-4 250-255 with a 4.5 40 yd. dash and Mingo is about 6-5 245-255 with a 4.4 40 yd. dash. And 4-3 defensive tackles who would convert to 3-4 defensive ends is like LSU's Bennie Logan who is around 6-3 290-295 with a 4.8 40 yd. dash. This should give you an idea on the differences. In the size athletic ability thing. But the DB's are genarrally similar depending on what type of db's your team's scheme likes.

What was randy moss' 40-yard dash time?

In college, he ran a 4.25 40.

Whats LenDale White time in the 40 yard dash?

4.64 coming out of college