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The current title holder for the fastest runner is Usain Bolt of Jamaica. he has a record of 09.58 secs for 100 meter run, 14.35 for 150 meter run and 19.19 for 200 meter run.

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In mph what is the fastest a human has can run?

About 27-28 mph its really fast but it is fast for human.

How fast is the fastest human speed?

26.55 mph

What is the fastest human speed in the water?

very fast

How fast does the fastest human run?


How fast can the fastest human swimmer in the world swim?

As fast as me Israel Moges

How fast is 45 miles per hour?

About twice as fast as today's fastest human runners.

How fast is the fastest human in mph?

26 mph or 27 mph (usain bolt)

What is the superlative form for the word fast?

"Fastest" is the superlative of "fast."

How fast can the average human go like how many miles per hour not the fastest human or anything just the average human?

about 10 miles an hour

Is 20 miles per hour fast?

Well, it's about the fastest speed a human being can run.

How fast is the fastest boy?

Nobody is the fastest. God is the fastest

How fast is the fastest 100m?


Who is the fastest human swimmer alive?

It depends on the event. there are different fast swimmers in every event. Missy franklin is one of the fastest in Backstroke. Micheal Phleps in Fly.

What is the fastest way to get Adderall out of your system?

There is no fast way. There is nothing anyone can do that will change a core function of the human body.

How fast can a human run in meters per minute?

Approximately 630 meters per minute for the fastest humans.

What is the fastest human reaction time?

It is .03 seconds Extremely fast reaction times (people in the fastest 99.9 percentile) can measure around 130-150 (fingertip reaction).

In miles per hour what would be considered a fast running speed for a human being?

23 miles per hour is approximately the fastest a human has run.

Who is the fastest human on the planet alive?

Usain Bolt is the fastest human on the planet.

Is the giraffe fast?

The giraffe can run very fast, over 50 km/h (the fastest human runner - Hussain Bolt - runs at about 40 km/h.

Is iguana the fastest reptile in the world?

no not the fastest but it is a fast reptile

What are the fastest swimming trunks?

I have found that the fast skins are the fastest.

What is the comparative and superlative for fast?

faster, fastestfaster, fastest

Is a hippo faster than a human?

Absolutely! A charging hippo can outrun the fastest human sprinter, even though they don't seem like they're fast on land.

How fast is agbonlahor?

fast. probs fastest footballer

How fast is the fastest fighter jet?

Very fast.