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if the car is high,it is easy to produce the torque in car due to large moment arm,and the car can takes the sommerslauts

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Q: How fast is a legend car in a quarter mile drag strip?
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Why is it called a Drag Strip?

A drag strip is called as such because it is a prepped straight track where vehicles "drag" race by accelerating as fast as possible in a straight line for a short distance. The term "drag" refers to the act of pulling or dragging something forward with force, which is what the vehicles do on the strip.

How fast is a 10 second car?

quarter-mile drag race in under 10 seconds

How do you go fast in a drag race?

the point in a drag race is not to increase drag it is too go down the "drag" strip which is ussually a 1/4 mile and speed and acceleration is key but if you want to increase your drag coefficeint of the car make a flat perpindicular surface with no holes to create as much surface area as possible

What is a 10-second-car in racing?

A ten second car is a car that can drive a quarter mile in 10 seconds or less. This usually cost'sa lot of money in order to get an engine that can propel the car that fast in such a short distance

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How fast are banshees?

pretty fast i had one but there just good for drag racing and hill climbs.

How does drag effect vehicles?

It keeps your car down when you go fast without drag you would fly up or crash

How fast can an American saddle bred go?

Just as fast as any other horse! Not as fast as a thourobred or a quarter horse but pretty fast!

How fast do drag racers?

depends what drag racing your talking about cars ? bikes ? trucks ? my bike can go 169 mph at 8.88 seconds

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They have an "average" speed. Definitely not as fast as a Quarter horse at the Quarter mile, nor as fast as a Thoroughbred at the 1-1.5 mile range nor as fast as an Arabian over long distances. But, know there are always exceptions to the "average" rule.

How fast is quarter a mile in 10.6 second?

A quarter mile in 10.6 seconds = about 85 mph average speed.

How fast does an Acura legend go?

depends, stock a 95 acura legend automatic goes about 125 and a manual about 140mph