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Q: How fast is Usane Bolt?
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How fast can usane bolt run?

he can't run that fast considuring hes on steroids.

How fast can ruodolf run?

as fast as he want's, but i heard usane bolt beat him once! :)

Who is the fastest person in the world and how fast can he or she run?

Usane Bolt from Jamiaca

How do you spell Usane bolt?

Usain Bolt

Where is Usane bolt from?


How fast is the fastest runner in mph?

In Track & Field the fastest runner is Usane Bolt from Jamaica at approximately 30 MPH.

Who is the fastest runner in Africa?

Usane Bolt

What is the fastest speed usane bolt ran?


How many medals has Usane Bolt won?


Who is faster than usane bolt?

Jim thorpe

How old is usane bolt?

,Hg ,jacked

What time usane bolt running 200 meter final on australian tv?


What is usane bots nink name?

bolt lightningboltlighningsaveor

Who ate chicken nuggets before winning gold in 2008?

Usane Bolt

How fast can the intervention gun shoot?

not very fast actually, it is a bolt action sniper rifle and if you want to fire it fast you better be able to reload a bolt action fast

How fast does a penguin run?

As fast as USAIN BOLT !!

How fast is a infinity Qx56?

As fast as a bolt of lightning.

How fast can a horse bolt?

As fast as the horse can run.

What is a Metaphor about someone who is fast?

Fast a lightning, as swift as the wind (or an arrow). Or he or she is even as fast as Usain Bolt!

Is a wild turkey fast?

yes they are they can run as fast as usan bolt

How fast does bolt run?


How fast does the Springfield 1903 rifle shoot?

As fast as you can operate the bolt of the rifle.

Is Usain Bolt faster than a lion?

No, Usain Bolt is fast but not as fast as a lion. Lions can sprint a short distance at 50 miles per hour.

How fast is a lightning bolt?

The lightning bolt is 224,000 mph or about 3,700 miles per second.

Who is the fast man in the world?

usain bolt