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150 mph

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Q: How fast does a salmon swim?
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How fast can salmon swim?

A salmon swims at an average of 45 km/h (28mp/h)

How fast can Chinook salmon swim?

Go away.

How fast can a salmon swim?

dudu 3000 mph

Why salmon swim upstream?

Salmon swim upstream to reproduce

How can salmon swim in the sea?

Salmon swim in the sea. Salmon are fish. Fish love water. The sea is water. Thus, salmon swim in the sea. Voila!

Why do salmon swim upstream?

salmon swim upstream to get back to where they were born to reproduce.

Why do salmon swim in the river?

Salmon swim up river to breed and lay eggs.

How does a salmon swim?

== ==

Which fish swim upstream?


Which animals can swim upstream?

Salmon can swim upstream I think that trout can too but I'm not positive about that but I know that salmon definitly can.

Why does salmon swim against the current?

Salmon swim upstream because they are born in rivers, but salmon live in the North Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean, but salmon, once they have to lay their eggs they return to their birthplace. Since they were born in rivers ,and since rivers flow downstream into oceans, salmon must swim upstream to reach their birthplace in the rivers.

How fast does a squid swim?

=How fast does a squid swim?==they can swim really fast=

How do salmon migrate?

They swim.

Do salmon swim up Niagara falls?


Do salmon swim in schools?


How do salmon fish swim up a waterfall?

they cant swim up waterfalls

How fast do blob fish swim?

how fast do blobfish swim

Why do salmon like to live in fresh water streams?

Salmon like to live in the ocean. There is lots of food, and they can grow big and strong so as to be able to swim up their home stream to spawn. In fact, they can smell which stream is theirs, but only if the water is flowing fast enough to make them swim up it. So, salmon and steelhead trout are anadromous, that is, they go back to where they were born to spawn, but otherwise prefer to live in the ocean.

What most directly helps salmon to swim in a river?

Salmon swim upstream to live out their adult lives. The thing that helps them to swim upstream is purely will power and instinct. They are taught all of their lives to swim to the ocean when they are adults and return to the river where they were born to give birth and die.

How fast can a beaver swim?

how fast can beaver swim

Is a salmon rare?

No. In fact, salmon are actually very common. Millions of salmon swim through North America, especially Alaska, during the mating season. Salmon can lay millions of eggs, but usually only about five survive until adulthood. Salmon swim through major rivers in the Midwest, making them about as common as trout. So salmon are not rare.

What does penguin and salmon have i common?

They both swim.

What physical adaptations do salmon have?

they can swim. in water.

How far can a salmon swim in a day?


How fast do cheetahs swim?

I am not sure how fast they swim, but my guess is very fast!! And they can swim if they need to, but don't particularly like too!!

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