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It all depends on what pitch the pitcher is throwing, fastball are faster than curve balls, changeups. The average speed of a fastball in the MLB is 93 MPH.

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Q: How fast does a pitcher usually throw?
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Where does the pitcher try to throw his pitch?

A pitcher usually tries to throw a pitch where the hitter can't hit it .

What is a wild throw by a pitcher?

A wild throw is usually when the ball is no where near where the catcher called for the ball to be.

How fast can a little league pitcher throw a baseball?

the average speed is 64.78 MPH

How fast does the average freshman division one pitcher throw a baseball?

73 mph

How fast do kids in little league world series throw?

from 50-80 depending on the pitcher

Who was the first pitcher to throw 90mph?

who was first MLP pitcher to throw 90mph

What height should you pitch to for girls u12 fast pitch softball?

it depends on how fast you throw it and if you can throw strikes i would say from 4'11 or above but you dont have to be tall to be a good pitcher it just helps

What is the meaning of underarm throw in softball?

An underarm throw in softball is basically a pitch. If you watch a fast pitch softball team, you will see that the pitcher pitches underhand.

Will you throw up if you eat too little?

No, usually people throw up if they eat too much or too fast.

How fast can a softball be pitched?

it can be pitched as fast as you can throw it. throw it really fast!

How fast does the fastest men's softball pitcher throw?

Jack Randall who pitched for the Long Beach NiteHawks.

Can a pitcher fake a throw to 3rd base?

yes, the only base a pitcher cant fake a throw to is first

Who is the worlds fastest softball pitcher and how fast does she throw?

brandis baulsmiter, 75 mph 2010 (Chiago Bandits, USA rotational pitcher) or Amy Cross, 74ish (Chiago Bandits)

Does a pitcher train differently from players?

I know a pitcher trains year round for fast pitch softball. There are different drills that they do and most throw at least 100 pitches every day.

How far does a pitcher throw?

in mlb

What does a pitcher throw to a catcher?

A baseball

Can a left handed pitcher throw to third base without stepping off the rubber?

The pitcher can throw to 3rd with a jump pivot , but he has to throw, he cannot jump pivot and fake a throw.

Where does the pitcher try to throw the ball?

The pitcher in baseball trys to throw the ball to the back catcher who is behind the home plate.

How long is an inning?

It depends on how fast the inning goes and how fast the pitcher gets 3 outs. Usually 10 to 15 min. though.

How fast can the OSTRICH fly?

As fast as you can throw them ;)

How fast do marbles roll?

As fast as you throw them...

Why is the pitcher required to throw four balls for an intentional walk?

The reason for this is that the pitcher must throw 4 balls in order for it to be a walk.

How fast does a college softball pitcher throw?

Most of them throw a fastball at around 65 mph. There have been a few exceptional pitchers that could reach 71 or 72 mph. Jenny Finch among them.

How can you become a pitcher in baseball?

you half to have accuracy, and be able to throw fast and throw different types like a curv, or fastballs, or stuff like sliders. I agree with that but when you get that you need to show it off in front of your coach.

Does a pitcher have to throw to third when playing on a runner?

No, he could throw to home plate!