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.009 Seconds

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Q: How fast does a baseball player have to swing his bat to hit a home run?
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What is the definition of a swing in baseball?

When the player makes any contact of the ball with the bat, regardless of the extent of his swing. Also, if the player moves the bat forward and either breaks his wrists or the bat's path carries it beyond home plate.

How fast a baseball gets to home plate?

pretty fast

What happend to the baseball player who was unfaithful to his wife?

He was thrown out at home

When do you use the word swing in a sentence?

Swing can mean several things, and you didn't really say which you want. You can swing on the trapeze if you're very careful. Swing music is fun to dance to. Swing down from there and come home.

Who a baseball player who famous for hitting home runs?

Babe Ruth

What happened to the baseball player who was unfaithful to his wife?

The answer to the riddle is: "He was thrown out at home."

Where can I buy swing sets to be assembled at home?

Home Depot and Lowe's both have a large selection. Another good place to buy a swing set is Costco.

What baseball player hit the most home runs in his career?

Barry Bonds, with 762 home runs.

In 2009 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby how fast were the pitchers throwing?

80 mph

Is plate a common noun?

Yes, the compound noun 'home plate' is a common noun, a general word for a position on a Baseball field where the player stands to hit a ball and a player tries to reach to score; a general word for any home plate on any baseball field.

What baseball player holds the worlds record for home runs?

Barry Bonds

Who major league baseball player has stolen home the most?

ty cobb