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110 mph is physically impossible physicists have proven that a human cannot even throw a Baseball that fast. When you saw the show on TV they were probably using feet per second not miles per hour. 114 feet per second roughly equates to 77 miles per hour.

You can't be serious. The fastest baseball ever thrown is like 103-105. (somewhere in that range). To think that any man could throw a football which is less aerodynamic, larger, and heavier 110 miles an hour is just insane. I've heard that favre has thrown a football around 70-75 mph though.

If my memory serves me correctly, the "pass speed" indicator in the Monday Night Football game against Carolina on 9/13/04 showed him throw a football at 72 mph. I also remember a reading of 66 mph on the Packers second Monday Night game of the year against Tennessee. I have also seen 74 mph quoted.

No. Brett Favre can throw 110 miles per hour, i watched a show and they had him as a guest and he through it 114 mph. But then again he didn't have pads on.

Ok, no human being can throw a football 110 mph. Brett throws the football around 70 mph which is absolutely incredible. This equivalates to throwing a baseball around 105 - 110 mph. If someone threw a football at over 100 mph it would be breaking peoples hands.

---- Brett Favre has broken the fingers of the whole packers team... 'nuff said. he has thrown it at least 100 mph before, during games he averages around 70 mph...

!!! Brett favre is undoubtablly capable of throwing a football faster than any other player in history. This link will take you to a video of an in game throw of his. I believe that this was clocked at 93mph or so i have been told.

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Q: How fast does Brett Favre throw the football and what is his fastest speed?
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