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You have to be able to run at least a 5.5 40yard dash or else you have no chance.

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Q: How fast do you have to be to be a running back?
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What is Hines Ward's speed?

Pretty fast, but not Mike Wallace or running/full back fast.

What is the best height for a college Running Back?

most would want a small fast running back so he could go through holes fast. in college you dont see many tall running backs at all

Who was the best running back of all time?

barry sanders was the best running back of all time. he was fast, strong, and elusive i agree

What cardio sports are there for running?

A cardio sport that will help in running would be basketball or soccer. Both sports involve a lot of running back and forth and it will get your heart rate beating fast.

How fast is running?

depends how fast you are and if your fat

Is the thorny devil running fast, and why?


How tall do you have to be to play running back?

It does not matter, but the measure is around 5-11. Just make sure you are fast and know what to do.

What can be done to prevent tsunami from happening?

Running to safe ground as fast as you can with out looking back.

Does slow or fast running better cause reducing fat in abdomen?

i think fast running is very best for reduce fat fast

What is a greyhound zephyr?

A zephyr is a wind. A greyhound is a fast-running dog. A greyhound zephyr is maybe a wind that moves as fast as a fast-running dog.

How fast you have to run to be a corner back?

You need speed but you don't have to be the fastest. You have be able to cover Wide Receiver and running back come out of back field. Be able to see the field well and get where you need to be on the field.

How can you be fast in swimming?

you get fast at swimming the same way you get fast at running. you have to practice alot.