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Q: How fast do carp swim?
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How deep can a carp swim?

Carp swim an average of between 20 to 30 feet deep but have been known to swim as deep as 50 feet. They basically will go as deep as needed to get to their food.

How fast does a squid swim?

=How fast does a squid swim?==they can swim really fast=

How fast can a beaver swim?

how fast can beaver swim

How fast do blob fish swim?

how fast do blobfish swim

How fast do cheetahs swim?

I am not sure how fast they swim, but my guess is very fast!! And they can swim if they need to, but don't particularly like too!!

What bird can swim as fast as a seal?

yes I agree with you penguins ๐Ÿง swim fast ๐Ÿ’จ

Do stingrays swim fast?

Yes, actually they can swim pretty fast

How fast do white bass swim?

how fast do white seabass swim

How fast can loggerhead sea turtles swim?

they swim very fast i dont know how fast

How do swordfish swim?

they swim fast

Do dolphins swim fast?

Dolphin swim fast so they can catch there prey

How fast can a black tip reef shark swim?

it can swim as fast as a jet

How fast do leopards swim?

They can swim rather fast, it just depends on the leopard.

How fast do otters swim?

they swim 800mph

How fast can tuna swim?


How fast does a swordfish swim?

as fast as a cheetah can run

How fast can a northern fur seal swim?

how fast do northern fur seal swim

What do penguins do best swim well or swim fast?

swim well

How fast can a rock hopper penguin swim?

he can swim just as fast as any other penguin so not very fast then

How do you swim a FAST 50 freestyle?

To swim a fast 50 freestyle, kick hard and get fast arm speed! Practice as fast as possible and get a fast turnover so that you can have a fast breakout.

How fast does an anaconda swim?

It seems that no one has actually measured just how fast an anaconda can swim.

Why do turtles move very slow but swim really fast?

they swim fast because that's how they are!

How fast can dolphins swim?

They can swim like however jebus made them swim!

How fast does an electric eel swim?

Very fast. They swim fast enough to get away from the things that are trying to eat them. If not, they just shock them.

How fast can a walrus swim?

as fast as you think it can as fast as you think it can