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Q: How fast can you shoot honkey puck?
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How fast can Zdeno Chara shoot the hockey puck?

His record is 105.9 miles per hour.

How do youplay hockey?

you shoot the puck in the net

If a player is about to shoot the puck applying more force will cause the puck to?

speed up

How do you get a goal in Hockey?

try to shoot the puck in the net!

Why was the hockey puck invented?

The hockey puck was invented so hockey players had something to shoot into the goal.

What is the four letter word that describes the object which players shoot into a hockey net to score a goal?

It is called a puck.

What is it called when you shoot the puck immediately after you receive a pass?

a "one timer"

How do you shoot a hockey puck?

by flicking your wrist' and motioning your arms forward

Did max menzione really shoot the puck at the united center?


When was Honkey Kong created?

Honkey Kong was created on 2011-08-23.

How fast a slap shotted hockey puck moves?

On average a slapshotted hockey puck travels 125 MPH

What is the puck used for in ice hockey?

You use it to shoot in opponent's goal. Hockey players use the stick to control the puck. It's basically like all sports - the ball, puck are supposed to score points.