How fast can eto'o sprint 100m?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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000.1 because he is very african.

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Q: How fast can eto'o sprint 100m?
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How fast was the first 100m sprint?

20 seconds

Who has the world record of the 100m sprint?

Usain Bolt with an astonishing 9.58 seconds. How fast can this man go?!

How long is a sprint?

The length of a sprint is usually 100m

How fast can ronaldo sprint 100m?

Cristiano Ronaldo ran a 10.23 in early 2012 for an interview with castrol edge where he raced the spanish indoor 100m champion in which he beat.

How do you win a 100m sprint?

by cheating

What the regulations of the 100m sprint?

my dick

What is the perimeter of the 100m sprint?


What does sally Pearson do in the Olympics?

Sally pearson does the 100m hurdles and the 100m sprint

What is the world record for the mens and womens 100m sprint?

9:58 by jamaicas Usain Bolt,10:49 in womens 100m sprint

What did Kathy freeman compete in?

Athletics: 100m Sprint 200m Sprint Etc.

What do they do in the Summer Olympics?

long sprint short sprint 100m hurdles and so on

What is theworld record for the 100m sprint?