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An average 11 year old can pitch from 30-45 mph and 50 mph. I pitch 65 mph and I'm 11 but I realized that I pitch pretty fast compared to other league members.

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Q: How fast can an 11 year old pitch?
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How fast does an average 11 year old boy pitch?

an 11 year old should pitch in the range of 48-63

How fast can an 11 year old boy pitch?

a good baseball player like me i can throw 58 to 65

How fast do 10 year old girls pitch?

I met an 11 year old who pitches about 60 mph. I am guessing around 40-55 mph.

How long does it take for and 11 year old to walk a mile?

The answer depends on how fast the 11 year old walks.

What size does a 8 year old use to play fast pitch softball?

What size of what? They use an 11 inch ball if that what you're asking.

What is the average pitch speed for an 11 year old?

41 mph

How fast does the average 11 year old girl pitch in fast pitch softball?

It varies between how much you practice how much power you have your arm and footwork Im 11 And Pitch 58 usually on a good day maybe 63 but fot every foot you leap of the mound you get 3 mph per foot you leap

How old can you be to play 12U fast pitch softball?

you can be turning 11 in the next 6 months or be 12

What age group uses an 11 inch softball for fast pitch?

9 and 10 year olds.

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---- === ===

How fast can the average 11 year old run a mile?

5-9 min

What is the average fastball speed for a 11 year old boy?

The average pitch speed for an 11 year old is 45 mph. This of course includes all competitve levels of play.

Is 4 minutes and 5 seconds fast for an 11 year old in the mile?

If the 11 year old is riding a horse, it's reasonable. If he's walking or running, we're going to say it's so fast that it's impossible.

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An 11 year old should not be trying to lose weight unless it's for medical reasons and a doctor is following the weightloss

What age plays fast pitch softball?

the age of fast pitch softball starts at 11 (the ages may vary for your leages)

What size mitt should an 11 year girl use for fast pitch softball?

Whatever size mitt fits your hand.

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Depending on fitness, 11 to 15 minutes.

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60 beats per minute

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I'm 11 and i can beat all the boys in my class when i race them i run 16

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