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It all depends on your age, an 18 year old tends to be faster than a 60 year old, it also varies with sex, as Males tend to be faster than Females. Averages are always hard to base upon due to various factors; age, sex, mobility, weight, height etc. with the below results being best estimates

Male averages:

Under 11 - 19 seconds

11-15 - 17 seconds

16-19 - 16 seconds

20-28 - 15 seconds

29-40 - 16 seconds

41-60 - 17 seconds

60+ - 18 seconds

Female averages:

Under 11 - 21 seconds

11-15 - 19 seconds

16-19 - 17 seconds

20-28 - 16 seconds

29-40 - 17 seconds

41-60 - 18 seconds

60+ - 22 seconds

These are based on the average person who does not do much exercise and of course people who do regular exercise, running, cycling, walking, swimming etc being slightly quicker.

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It depends on how fast you can run the world record for men is 9.58 s is held by Usain Bolt and women 10.49 s was set by Florence Griffith-Joyner. The avergage person might run a 100 meter das in 13-15 seconds.

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it would take a elite man 9-10 seconds and a women 10-11seconds

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it all depends on how fast you run......

Athletes can run between 9 - 11 seconds. Normal people can run between 12 - 25 seconds. Unhealthy people can run between 30 - 40 seconds.

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Q: How fast can a person run 100 meters?
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