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The best athletes can run a 4-minute mile which would be 15 miles per hour.

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Q: How fast can a man run the mile in Miles per hour?
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How fast is mile a minute?

Faster than any human can run, that is 60 miles per hour. The fastest man ever has never ran faster than 30 mph. A mile a minute is IMPOSSIBLE for a human being.

If a man runs 110 yars in 10 seconds how fast in miles per hour can he run?

22.5 miles per hour.

How fast does the worlds fastes man go?

23 miles per hour

How fast has a man run in miles per hour?

Usain Bolt is the fastest recorded human being on foot at 27.44 miles per hour.

If a man runs 1km in 4 minutes how fast is he running in miles per hour?

The man is approximately running at 9.3205679 mph.

How far can a man run in 6 minutes if he runs one third as fast as a car going 30 miles per hour?

The answer is one mile. The man is running one third of 30 mph which is 10 mph. 6 minutes is 1/10 of an hour so he can run 1/10 as far as he could in an hour. 1/10 of 10 is one.

How fast run man?

me don't know me only hulk me no know how human man run me run 5000 miles per hour

Can a man beat cheetah in running?

Not a chance. In fact I don't think the average man could outrun a Cheerah if he were riding a bicycle. Cheetahs can run at speeds in excess of 60 miles an hour. A very fast man might hit 10 miles an hour.

How fast can the average man sprint?

The average man can sprint 15. 9 miles per hour. The record holder for the fastest 100 meter is Usain Bolt. He ran at a foot speed of 27. 44 miles per hour.

How fast can the average man run the mile?

Men at the gym typically have their treadmill set to about 7 miles per hour, or 8:30 minutes per mile. They can probably run faster if they try, maybe 8.5 miles per hour if they pushed it. Very few gymrats can run 9 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour is much harder. The gymrats are usually in better shape than average couch potato: the average man probably can't run a mile at all, or possibly an 11-12 minute mile. Olympic runners can do < 4:00 minute miles. Champion marathon runners do 4:45 minute miles. A very good, but not professional, marathon runner can do a mile in 5-6 minutes. A good time for a recreational runner in a marathon is 4 hours, which is 9+ minute miles. 30% of the US is obese (30+ pounds overweight) . 200,000+ people a year are so overweight that they have surgery to shrink their stomachs. Like those people on "The Biggest Loser", almost none of them can run a mile. Walking a mile takes 20-30 minutes. Some people can't even do that.

How fast can the average man run?

The average man can run at 10-12 miles per hour, which is about the beginning speed of a person riding a bike (8mph-12mph)

Is 5.30 a fast mile run?

It depends if you are a man or woman and how old you are.