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15 seconds and less

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Q: How fast can a 8 year old run?
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How fast should a 10 year old boy run in a mile?

an ten year old boy would run 6-8 minutes to run in a mile

How fast should a 14 year old boy run a 40?

about 6-8 seconds

How fast should a 46 year old female run the mile?

8 minutes

How fast can an 8 year old run 100 meters?

when I was 8 years old I ran then 100m race in 20 seconds now I am 13 and i run it in 12 seconds

How fast should a 35 year old female be able to run a mile?

8 minutes at least

How fast should a 8 year old run a mile?

When I was eight I ran a mile in 6:30 but, that is over average. Probably most eight year olds should run it in about 8:10.

Should an 11 year old be able to run a mile in less than 8 mins?

No,most 15 year olds can't even run that fast

How fast should a 8 year old girl run a 100 meter sprint?

My 7 year old runs in Under 8s her 100m time is 21.02

How fast should a 23 year old man run a mile?

A 23-year old man should be able to run a mile is about 8 minutes. Most people should be able to walk a mile in about 20 minutes.

How fast can the average 10 year old run?

well I would say about 14 mph because when I was 8 I was running my average at 10 mph when I was 9 I was running my average at 12 mph and now I can run my average at 13 mph my top was really close to 15 mph so that's how I came up with that.

How fast does the average 12 year old run a mile?

In my middle school we run the mile once a week. (when the weather's OK). I'd say the faster boys in 7th grade run about 7 minutes and most boys run 8:00-8:30 min. Most girls run 8:00-9:00. I'm a twelve year old girl and I run in the late 8s. We're graded on our times and I get a high B, and 8-8.5 is a low A, and anything lower than an 8 is a 95+.

How fast should a 13 uear old run 1000m?

A thirteen year old should be able to run 1000m in just under 10 mins, but if he trained, he could be able to reach 8 mins easily.

How fast is a 8 year old?


How fast should ten year old run a mile?

I am a girl and ran a mile in 6:30.... but most should in about 7:50-8:45ish

How fast should a 16 year old girl be able to run a mile?

I think around 7-8 minutes. Cause Itrain for runs and i am 15 and i can run 1 min in 5:45.

How fast does the average 8 year old pitch?

if your 8 year old does not pitch 35 mph or higher he's not that great. Just saying but 35 to 45 is about were a very good 8 year old should be.

What is the fastest mile run by an eight year old boy?

the fastest mile ran by an 8 year old boy is 4 min and 46 secs What a crock. An 8yo couldn't run it that fast. More like 5.20-30, and even that's hard to believe.

How fast can 8 year olds run the 100 meter sprint?

Typically 8 year olds don't run the 100m, they run 40m, 50m or 60m. A reasonable time would be about 16-18s.

How fast should twelve year old run a mile?

for the best workout, run atleast 80%...which means almost sprinting but not really. it should be between 6-8 minutes but if your a beginner maybe 12-14

Can a 8 year old boy run 12mph?


What is the average 50 yard dash for a 14 year old boy?

like 7flat or 6.50. so if you run a 5.90 your fast, you run a 6.50 your slightly fast, 7.20 or 7flat that's average. 8 you need improvments i think that 7 is slow for a freshman im an incoming freshman 6 2 about 200 and run a 5.3

How fast do you have to run to run an 8 minute mile?

You would have to run 60 ÷ 8 = 7.5 mph.

What is the fastest 5k run by an 8 year old?

20 minutes

Did a 8 year old girl run a 11.1 from California?

Nope; Simple as that.

What is the fastest time for an 8 year old boy to run 100m?