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Q: How fast can a 40hp motor puling a tube go go?
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Can you pull a tube with a 6 hp outboard motor?

Yes, but not very fast.

How big of a outboard motor do you need on your boat to pull a tube?

It really depends on how big your boat is and how fast you want to go typically you want to go 20-25 while tubing so get a big enough motor to push your boat with a tube 20-25 mph

Is AGC and ABC fuse the same?

AGC Series Fast-Acting Glass Tube ABC Series Fast-Acting Ceramic Tube MDL Series Time-Delay Glass Tube MDA Series Time-Delay Ceramic Tube GBB Series Very Fast-Acting Ceramic Tube

What stops a 2001 Mercedes C320 steering wheel from adjusting?

i assume its electric if u hear the motor making noise theres a rubber tube lookimng thing its called the transmission they break common replace the rubber tube and the motor the motor is faulty and that what breaks the tube

Where on a 1991 Ford Explorer sport will you find the orifice tube to the ac?

On the passenger side of the vehicle, underneath the accumulator. There is a tube that comes out of the lower part of the blower motor assembly & connects to your lower AC hose. The orifice tube is in there. You have to jack up the vehicle, remove the tire & the plastic wheel well cover. Then you can plainly see the bottom of the accumulator & the blower motor assembly. The orifice tube will be in the tube coming out of the blower motor (attached to firewall). Be sure to insert the orifice tube with the arrow pointing towards the blower motor.

Where is transmission filler tube 1998 Ford F-150?

The filler tube houses the dipstick and is located on the passenger side of the motor, towards the firewall (back of the motor),

Motor blower resistor location on a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis?

on the air tube, right of the blower motor toward the center of the car behind the engine on the air tube, right of the blower motor toward the center of the car behind the engine

Where is the location for the starter motor on a Daewoo lanos?

The back side of the motor below the intake and coolant bypass tube

Where is the orifice tube on a 1990 Ford E-150?

Where is the orifice tube on a 1990 Ford Econoline van with a 85 motor

Why is you tube so popular?

Because its fun fast and it has everything

How fast can a tube train go?

40-45 mph

What is the hose attached to a blower motor?

The small black (either rubber or plastic) hose attached to your cars blower motor is a cooling tube for the blower motor.