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0.57 seconds

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Q: How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo run 30 meters?
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How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo run the 100m?

About 11.7 or at most a 10.9

How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo run 100 meters?

Cristiano Ronaldo can do 100m in about 10.61 seconds. The fastest football player ever is said to be amancio amaro who can do 100m in about 10.50 seconds.

What does Cristiano Ronaldo run in 40?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the fastest football players in all of Europe. His speed over 40 yards has not been officially measured, but he can run 96 meters in just 10 seconds.

How fast can ronaldo run 30 meters?

0.57 seconds

Why do Africans run for so long at such a fast pace?

it is not true that is a stereotype.It's a rumor.can you explain why Cristiano ronaldo is so fast for an example.....

Who is faster Cristiano Ronaldo or maradona?

It is Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Real Madrid, as Maradona was short and fatter he could not run faster then Ronaldo.

How fast could ronaldo run?


Was Cristiano Ronaldo a refugee?

No, Cristiano Ronaldo wans't a refugee! He just went to Sporting Clube de Portugal's (SCP) football academy when he was very young because he wanted to be a football player and his family was poor! But he did not run away from his home or country.

How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo run?

Less surprisingly the Premier League's speed king is Manchester United's Ronaldo, who has been clocked racing to the ball at 20.9mph and run with the ball - obviously, not dribble, but more of a kick and chase - 0.1mph faster

How fast can ronaldo run the 33 yard dash?


Can Cristiano Ronaldo run faster than a car?

No one can run faster than a car dude !!! but he is one of the fastest players of fifa history. !!

How fast can Cristiano ronaldo run a mile?

obviously he could i could even in only 9 seconds and I'm 11 yrs old fast ain't it ronaldo could do it in 4 seconds.