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Lou Brock.........Joe Adcock......Hank Aaron

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Q: How far was the shortest home run at the Polo Grounds?
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Did anyone ever hit a home run to center field at the Polo Grounds?

I hope this answers this question correctly. Lou Brock's first career home run was April 13, 1962 at Wrigley Field as a member of the Chicago Cubs. Brock hit this off of Ray Washburn of the St. Louis Cardinals. However, what you might be asking is how far did Brock's first home run at the Polo Grounds travel? Well in 1962 The Polo Grounds were with their 4th version of this stadium. Throughout the years the dimensions changed. In 1962 the distance to centerfield was 475 feet. On June 17, 1962, facing Al Jackson of the Mets, Brock became only the third player ever to hit a HR over the centerfield wall. This shot was estimated at 485 feet. --- Hank Aaron became the fourth player to hit one out in centerfield the very next day and topped Brock's shot by a few feet.

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