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Scott Norwood missed a 47 yard game winning field goal in the 1991 Super Bowl.

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Q: How far was the missed field goal in the 1991 Super Bowl?
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Who missed the field goal in the 1991 Super Bowl for the bills?

Scott Norwood missed the field goal in the 1991 SuperBowl

Who missed the field goal in the 1991 Super Bowl?

Scott Norwood of the Buffalo Bills.

What kicker has missed the most field goals in one super bowl?

The record is for missed field goals in a Super Bowl is 3 by Efren Herrera of the Cowboys in Super Bowl XII.

Who missed field goal in super bowl xxv?

Scott Norwood.

In 1991 NY Giants won supper bowel due to missed field goal by whom?

Scott Norwood missed the game-winning 47-yard field goal in Super Bowl XXV.

In 1991 the Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills winning their second super bowl thanks to a missed field goal by whom?

Scott Norwood

Has anyone ever returned a missed field goal for a touchdown in a Super Bowl?

Type your answer here... no

What team won the Super Bowl 1987 1991?

The New York Giants won the 1987 Super Bowl and the 1991 Super Bowl.

Has buffalo won a Super Bowl?

Buffalo had 4 consecutive AFC Championships and lost the superbowl all four years. This was 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994. In 1991 they lost 20-19 because of a missed final play field goal.

How many Super Bowls were lost by a field goal attempt?

The only Super Bowl I can recall that was decisively lost by a single missed field goal attempt was XXV, when Buffalo Bills kicker Scott Norwood missed a last second field goal that would have given them the win.

When did Super Bowl XXVI happen?

Super Bowl XXVI happened in 1991.

When did Tecmo Super Bowl happen?

Tecmo Super Bowl happened in 1991.

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