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For squirts the distance to the mound is 35 feet. For Peewee's the distance is 38 feet.

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Q: How far to pitcher's mound in girls youth softball?
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What is the distance between home plate and the pitchers mound in youth girls softball?

11 amd 12 40 feet 9 and 10 35 feet

How far is it from the pitching mound to the batters plate in Dixie Youth softball?

What age Dixie Youth.

What is the distance from the home plate to the pitchers mound in youth league baseball?

typically 45 feet

Does girls youth softball have a World Series?

yes there is a girls little league softball world series

What is the distance from Home plate to pitcher's mound in youth 10 under slow pitch softball?


What sports involves girls vs boys?

youth Soccer, softball, swimming

Exactly how far is it from home plate to the pitchers mound?

according to MLB rules it is 60 feet 6 inches, youth leagues have different rules

Distance between home plate and pitcher for girls softball youth 10?

35 feet

Distance between home plate and the pitcher for girls softball youth 12?

40 feet

What is the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate for a male youth ages 15-19 years?

Should be regulation MLB baseball length. 60 ft 6 in.

What are the rules for youth girls fastpitch softball?

there are many rules some of them are pitchers cant wear white in some leagues face-masks on helmets no spiked cletes facemasks in field for 3rd basemen (depends on league) those are just a hand ful

Where can you find a website for youth girls softball socks?

There are several websites that feature girls socks for youth softball leagues. These socks are long in design and help players keep warm while on the field. To find the right site or online store, simply speak to any softball or baseball coach. With years of experience, they will be able to connect you to the right website and prices.

What is the distance of the pitchers mound on a youth baseball field?

Assuming 60 foot basepaths, the pitcher's rubber is 46 feet from home plate. Some youth leagues use 70 foot basepaths with the pitcher's rubber set at 50 feet.

When is youth softball season?

around April

What is the distance from Home plate to pitcher's mound in youth 12 under slow pitch softball?

40 feet! I'm a pitcher in softball, exect it's fast pitch so slow pitch may be at 30 feet. I cant remeber! But I'm preety sure!

How far are bases in youth softball?

60 feet apart

Some tips coaching youth softball?

keep a high profile. and make sure the girls just dont play it to impress boys as they should be commited to it.

Distance between mound and home plate in youth baseball?

46 feet

Can my daughter play on two teams in NSA Youth Softball?

Benjamin and bayley

What is the fastpitch softball youth pitching rubber size?

6" x 24"

When was Girls Youth Volleyball World Championship created?

Girls Youth Volleyball World Championship was created in 1989.

Did girls in Hitler Youth allowed to take the same course as the boys?

Hitler Youth was only for boys. BDM was for girls.

What is the youth size softball?

beginner 11 inches intermediate/ advanced/ elite 12 inch

Did girls belong in hitlers youth?

No, only boys were involved in the Hitler Youth. Girls belonged tothe League of German Maidens.

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