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you can take it above your head.

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Q: How far should a tennis racquet go up your arm?
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Can you use a racquetball racket to play tennis?

Answer 1You can but you shouldn't. A tennis racquet is much larger and designed for a larger ball than a racquetball racquet. Officially speaking, it is against the rules to play with anything other than a racquetball racquet. Answer 2Most games have dimensions and rule boundaries placed on official equipment allowable. I believe there are constraints on the racquets that should be used in racquetball, including the shape of the end of the face. There are also practical disadvantages for using tennis racquets in racquetball - they are far too heavy and cumbersome. The ball needs to be struck with a kind of throwing action and one that is very fast.This action is not as efficient or as possible with tennis equipment as it is using the proper impliments.

What is the best follow through for a tennis serve?

There is no "best" follow-through for a tennis serve, as every person has there own particular style and capabilities. However, generally speaking, the most commonly taught method is to bring the racquet arm down in a full arc striking the ball slightly in front of and to the far side of the racquet arm, with the ball meeting the middle of the racquet's strings when the top of the racquet is as high as the server can reasonably reach, in order to get the most leverage and momentum against the ball. Afterwards, the momentum of the racquet arm may be either down and to the opposite side of the server's body (i.e., to the left if the server is right-handed, or vice-versa), or straight down along the same side of the server's body (i.e., to the right if the server is right-handed). Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, including changes in momentum, speed, and spin, but, again, comfort and style come into play as well.

Which brand is the best tennis racquet?

Babolat is by far the best trust me they have a wide variety of rackets to suit every style of play BABOLAT IS THE BEST!

What tennis racquet tension make you hit a ball harder?

Every tennis racquet is marked by the manufacturer with the recommended range of tensions. For example most medium sized racquets can be strung from 22Kg up to 28Kg. For maximum control the higher tensions are best. For maximum power the lower tensions are best. For a good mixture of both control and power the tension should be midway - that is 25Kg in the above example. The thickness or gauge of the string will also effect the power. A racquet tension of 25Kgs with a thin (1.20) string will produce more power than a tension of 25Kgs with a thick (1.35) string. If your average shot is falling nearer the service line than the baseline then either lower the tension 1 or 2 Kgs or use a slightly thinner string to get more shot distance. However, be warned, a thinner string is not as durable as a thicker string so it may need replacing more often. If your average shot is going off the end of the court then either increase the tension on your racquet by 1 or 2 Kgs or use a thicker string (or both) to reduce the shot distance. Developing more topspin on your shots will also bring the ball down earlier - so there are many more factors than just racquet tension and string size to consider. An oversize racquet (i.e. the head is larger) will also produce more power since the central sweet spot is larger and also the strings produce more of a trampoline effect. A heavier racquet will also produce more power but you may lose a degree of control due to the difficulty of manoeuvring the extra weight. As a generalisation a keen amateur would probably play best with a medium size racquet, a string tension of around 25Kgs, a string size of around 1.25mm, a racquet weight of around 300gm and a desire to hit topspin whenever possible. However the question "What tennis racquet tension makes you hit a ball harder?" may not be as important as "Which tennis racquet set-up will help me hit more accurately?" The last thing to mention is that the size of the grip on a tennis racquet (between 4" to 5") is crucial to hitting accurately and powerfully. Always buy a racquet with a grip that your hand can go nearly all the way round (4 1/8" or 4 1/2" for most adults). A grip that is too big will produce poor tennis and cannot be reduced. Whereas a grip that is comfortable will produce better tennis and the grip size can always be increased later if necessary.

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look at the half circle clip on the side of wiper arm. lift the wiper arm and pull the clip out as far as it goes the wiper arm should rest on the clip and now be "locked" up in the air . now you should be able to remove the wiper arm

Why does a tennis ball go far if you throw it?

When you throw the tennis ball, it flies for a distance before dropping down because when you throw the tennis ball, you use force, which is transferred to the tennis ball, which then converts to kinetic energy (movement energy), to allow the tennis ball to go far.

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Does weight affect how far a catapult launches a tennis ball?

Yes. The force applied by the catapult will cause an acceleration on the tennis ball that is inversely proportional to the mass of the tennis ball.

Who was highest paid tennis athlete in 2007?

As far as earnings from tennis, that was Roger Federer who won $10,130,620 on the ATP tour in 2007.

Who is the best Olympic tennis player?

by far andy murry he is amazing