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Most are designed to last for one round on an 18-hole Golf course, but not much more. Of course, it depends on how long the course is - and how hilly!

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2009-08-30 20:55:21
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Q: How far should a golf cart go on one charge?
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What is the difference between 36 volt and a 48 volt golf cart?

how far will a 36v golf cart go in miles

How far do you walk when ride a cart in a round of golf?

About 5 miles

Do you need drivers license to drive golf cart?

NO as far as i know

How far a golf cart can travel?

at top speed around 15-18 mph

EZ Go Golf Cart battery layout connection?

The EZ Go Golf Cart battery layout connection is actually a battery series. It varies depending on whether the cart is a 36 or 48 volt version. The series begins on the far left with a connection from top to bottom.

How far should you stand from the golf ball?

Far away.

Does the weight of a baseball bat affect how far a baseball goes?

Yes, for example, if a truck and a golf cart were heading straight for each other, going the same speed, which car would be knocked over? The golf cart. Same thing with a baseball and a bat.

How do you determine the year of a Yamaha golf cart?

Use links below for other golf carts.Club Car Serial Number Finder EZ GO Serial Number Finder Harley DavidsonYamaha Golf Cart G1 Serial NumberYamaha Model G1 golf cart serial numbers can be foundunder the rear bumper stamped into the square cross member of the frame.Yamaha Golf Cart G2 Serial NumberEarly Yamaha Golf Carts with Model G2 serial numbers can be found under the rear bumper stamped into the square cross member of the frame on the passenger's side of the vehicle. From 1988 through 1990 the G2 serial number can be found under the seat where the floorboard meets the engine compartment.Yamaha Golf Cart G9 Serial NumberYamaha Model G9 golf cart serial numbers can be foundunder the seat where the floorboard meets the engine compartment.Yamaha Golf Cart G14/G16/G19/G20 Serial NumberThese serial numbers can be found running vertically just under the glove boxon the far left of the driver's side of the golf cart.The following is a table showing id numbers type and model of a Yamaha Golf Cart.Golf Cart Serial number information for Yamaha Golf Carts.

Do need a license for a go cart?

no, but each city/town has laws as far as being street legal. u may own a golf- cart but u cant drive it on the roadways. same apply's to go-carts

How far does electric golf cart go on one charge?

It depends on a variety of factors 1. voltage and amperage of your system/batteries 2. gear ratio 3. tire size 4. controller type 5. weight of cart/payload 6. terrain 7. wind factor 8. stop and go factor 9. temperature 10. rolling resistance of drive train

Compensate For Your Golf Game With a Custom Golf Cart?

How is your handicap these days? Does your ball hit the water more than the green? How many balls have you lost in your last couple golf outings? If any of you answers to these questions aren’t good, then you may want to start compensating for your lack of golf skills. Not everybody is blessed with a great stroke or a great short game, if you are one of these people, it may be time to trick out you golf cart. Golf carts are now fully customizable, and you can make your golf cart into just about any type of ride that you can think of. Whether you want fast, luxurious, or if you are just looking for some extra storage, there are endless possibilities for your custom golf cart. One such company that does golf cart customization is The pictures alone on this website make it worth checking out. There are pictures of a golf cart that looks like a ’56 pick-up, a 2007 Escalade, a Boydster Cart, and much, much more. While luxury carts are obviously expensive, they can add something to your golf game that your actual game may be lacking… style. Golf lessons will only take you so far and there is no questioning the style that a luxury golf cart brings to your golf game. If you are looking for something a little bit more risqué, than you may want to try, and yes, the name does match the carts. also offers custom carts, but with a little bit more flare. Specialty paint jobs are the norm at and again, nobody will be left questioning your golf game after showing up in one of these bad boys. Of course, if you could just find a better swing or a great short game, you maybe wouldn’t need such a fancy golf cart, but in the case that you just aren’t very good at golf, having a little flare while losing can go a long way. I cannot guarantee that it will make you feel any better when you lose that skins game however.

How far should each golf iron go?

Depends on your strength and ability etc.

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