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the football must travel ten yards for the offense to touch it. However, if the ball hits a defender, it is a live ball(the offense can recover it.)

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Q: How far must a football travel on a kickoff before it can be touched?
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What direction does the ball have to travel first in a soccer kickoff?


Where do NFL players kick a kick off from?

The kickoff is from the kicking team's 30 yard line making the kickoff travel 70 yards to reach the end zone.

What are the rules for an onside kick?

The main rule is that the ball has to travel 10 yards downfield before it can be recovered by the kicking team prior to the opponents touching it. A kickoff is a free kick. Whoever recovers a kickoff gains possession of the ball. The ball must travel 10 yards downfield before the kicking team can touch it unless the receiving team touches it first within 10 yards. If the kickoff doesn't travel 10 yards downfield the receiving team is not obligated to attempt a return. The kick must hit the ground, in addition to travel 10 yards to give the kicking team possession of the ball if they can recover the kick. That is why onside kicks are kicked straight into the ground.

Does ball have to touch the ground in onsides kick?

In an on-sides kick the football does not have to touch the ground. The football must travel at least 10 yards before the kicking team can legally touch the football.

In football how many yards must an onsides kick travel before it becomes a legal kick?

10 yards

In soccer the kickoff must travel?

In soccer, there is no rule as to how far the ball must travel. The person who starts with the ball could kick it backward, to the person next to them, or down the field.

How does football teams travel?

How do planes fly??

How do pro football teams travel?

By bus.

How many players can travel in college football?


You are running late for the big game and must travel 248 miles in 3.78 hours to make the kickoff How fast must you drive to get to the game on time?


How do premier league football teams travel?

Teams travel by bus or plane between games.

How do national football league teams travel to away games?

They travel by buses to away games

Do professional football players pay for their plane tickets when they travel?


Can a college football team travel on one airplane?

sure why not.

How far does a football travel when in play during a game?


How can you get a football to travel over 75 yards?

kick it hard.

Why would a football travel further on the moon?

Gravity on the moon is much less than on earth (0.1654g) Therefore a football, when kicked will go much further before the week moon gravity pulls it back down to the surface.

How much do you travel when you are an NFL football player?

during football season i would say three times a week

Can the weight of a football affect its distance?

yes it can i play football with many different sizes and they all travel in differences

How does the H1N1 Swine Flu travel?

In or on infected people or some animals, or on things the infected have touched, coughed, or sneezed upon.

Does weather effect the travel distance of a football?

yes because of the friction!!!!!

Why does a football filled with helium travel further than a football filled with air?

Because Helium is lighter than air.

How does the shape of a football effect velocity?

If the end of a football is round it will not travel as far, but if it has a end with a point it will penetrate threw the air.

How far does a football usually travel?

What do you mean travel? Like a pass play? That could be anywhere from 5 to 60 yards.

Is it considered a turnover when an onside kick does not travel 10 yards but is touched by the receiving team and the kicking team recovers the ball?