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80 yards

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โˆ™ 2011-11-30 04:02:55
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Q: How far is your farthest throw Tony Romo?
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How far can Tony Romo throw a football?

probably! 67 yards

Can you throw a baseball or a golfball farthest?

Golfball by far.

Has Tony Romo won a Super Bowl?

No, he hasn't and Romo has actually never played for a Super Bowl in his career so far. To date, Tony Romo has made four playoff appearances and has only won one of them.

Who is the best dallas cowboy?

Tony Romo is the best cowboy player! so far he has made 120 TOUCHDOWNS!

How ancient egyptians Javelin throw?

javelin throw is where u run and throw it as far as you could then u will see who is the farthest. Sponsored by Wallmart! valid 1min!

How far could john Elway throw the football?

The farthest he ever threw it publicly was 73 yards.

Does Tony Romo live in Texas?

Yes, Tony Romo lives in Texas. For a number of years he lived in the city of Irving, Texas. Last year, in 2013, he and his wife Candice built a new house in Glen Abbey, a lush gated community in Far North Dallas.

The best QB in history?

Tony Romo, not only sucks, but is obviously not the best. Peyton Manning of the Colts is by far the best quarterback in NFL history.

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they grab them and throw them as far as they can, which ever one goes the farthest is the favorite child

What is the best disc golf disc to throw farthest easy?

Well, a driver disc does have the farthest distance, but it is harder to control. A mid-range disc doesn't go as far, but has more accuracy. It is whatever you prefer.

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