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The board can be from twenty to forty feet away from the pit depending on how far you can jump.

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Q: How far is the take off board away from the sand pit in triple jump?
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Can you do a phase in the sand on the triple jump?


Can you do your third phase in the sand in the triple jump?

absolutely not

How is long jump measured?

The long jump is measured from the front of the jump board to the closes point in the sand that the jumper touches the sand in a straight line.

How many judges are required for the triple jump?

There are at least 4 judges needed for one triple jump competition, two that write down the triple jump distance, one that measures in the sand and one that checks if the jumper faulted.

Which Olympic sport uses a sand pit?

Two events in athletics use a sandpit: the long jump, and the triple jump.

What are the Rules of triple jump?

You run up to the board, then you hop of your desired leg, then from the hop, you take a step, then you jump. You can choose how close you want the take off board to be to the sand. Normally, boards are either 7, 9, 11 or 13 metres away from the sand. Professionals always go off the 13m board, as that is where it is placed under many championship rules. For the hop, you must land on the foot from which you took off, and for the step, you must land on the other foot. You must take off from within the lane. You must not walk back through the sand after the jump. The jump is measured from the nearest break in the landing area made by any part of your body.

How many judges are involved in triple jump events?

There are four judges that are involved in the triple jump event. Two write down the distances, one that measures in the sand, and one that checks if the athlete faulted.

What is the measurement of the long jump?

Runners run down a runway to a board 20 cm wide they must jump from without the planting foot crossing the plane of the board(forward) and land in a sand pit. From the forward edge of the board to the place nearest where the runner landed in the sand pit is the jump distance measured in meters. In the USA this measurement is in meters and/or feet.

What equipment do you need for triple jump?

you need some track shoes, shorts, a lane to run, 3 wooden boards for jumping, a sand pit to jump into, a rake for the pit and a tape measurer to measure your jump

How do you measure a triple jump?

A triple jump is measured from the line (from which the jumper starts their jump) to the point closest to the line from where the jumper has landed, if the jumper lands but proceeds to fall backwards towards the line the jump will not measure from where their feet land but the point closest to the line where ANY part of their body has touched the sand. The jumper must continue forwards to depart the sand pit, not back towards the line or the jump will be measured from line to closest point the jumper has touched in the sand. Also, the jumper must begin their jump from in front of the line or on the line but if their foot goes over the line this will be cause for disqualification.

How are long jumps measured?

From the end of the takeoff board to the point in the pit closest to the board where the jumper touches the sand. If a jumper falls back with their hands, that is the point at which the jump is measured.

What happens if you fall back onto your hands after landing in the sand pit during your jumping?

The jump is measured from the part of the body that touches the sand closest to the take off board, which in this case would be where the hands touched the sand.

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