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The distance from home plate to left field is exactly the same in both the old and new Yankee Stadiums measuring 318'. The dimensions changed at least 4 times. To answer the question a date is needed.

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314 Feet to Right Field

385 Feet to Right-Center Field

408 Feet to Center Field

399 Feet to Left-Center Field

318 to Left Field.

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In Baseball, the distance between each base is 90 feet.

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Q: How far is the shortest home run at Yankee Stadium?
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How far is JFK Airport to Yankee Stadium?

the shortest way is 1202 miles

How far did it measure from home plate to right field foul pole when Yankee stadium was originally built?

294.75 feet

How far is Chelsea from Yankee Stadium?

i wish them to win the game.

How far is it from Yankee Stadium to Shea Stadium?

Yankees Stadium is in New York City. The Yankees play in the Bronx.

How far apart are the foul poles in Yankee stadium?

it is different on every feild

How far is it from the Stansted Airport to Wembley stadium?

The shortest driving distance is 42.3 miles.

When will the old Yankee Stadium be knocked down?

As far as we know, not for a long time. They are planning on turning it into a museum and event center, conveniently located in the Bronx, New York, right across the street from the brand new Yankee Stadium.

How far can a baseball can go?

In Babe Ruth's last game, his 3rd home run, rumors said he had hit the ball 600 feet. A man who worked for Yankee Stadium Measured too. So id say 625 feet.

Does Yankee Stadium have bad seats?

There are seats that are better than others, which is usually determined by the price of the ticket. Like any other stadium, there are seats to far away or to high up in the stadium to get a very good view.

Why are the Yankees moving?

Their stadium, although being historic and a monument to greatness, is old and behind the stadium curve throughout sports. It obviously old when you walk through there, pieces fall off here and there. The new Stadium is literally across a two lane street from the current Yankee Stadium. It will be more up to date as far as technology is concerned but still obtain the same Yankee mystique.

What is the smallest baseball field?

The smallest Major League Baseball field is Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. It has short dimensions, particularly down the foul lines, making it one of the most unique and compact ballparks in the league.

How far is right field from center field in the new Yankee Stadium?

the right field wall at fenway park is tricky...which is why most newcomers have a hard time playing that the deepest part - it's 380 feet from home plate and along the line it measures 302 feet - I'm pretty sure that's up to pesky's pole - which allows for the short home run