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Q: How far is the service line from the net?
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Where is the service line on a tennis court?

it is the first horizontal line from the net.

What are the parts of the vollyball court?

There is the end line, service line and side line. There is also the 10 ft line and of course the net!

How far is the free shot line from the basketball net?

15 Feet

Where is baseline on tennis court?

The farest line from the net parralell from the net. The server stands behind it.

Short serve in badminton?

Hit the shuttle cock in between the first service line and the net.

What is a contact number for Huges Net Email?

You can reach Huges Net Email through their customer service line which is 1-866-627-5932.

How far back is the serving line for middle school on an indoor volleyball court?

You use the same service line as any other age. It never changes officially.

How reliable is cable internet phone service when compared to traditional land line phone service?

Its not comparable. Analog phone service is far superior to digital phone service as far as reliability is concerned.

How can you stop the opposing team from hitting volleys at your feet or past you during a match?

There are many reasons why your opponents are hitting shots at your feet or past you. First of all take a look at your positioning on the court. You said that you are both at the net. How close are you to the net? Are you standing on the service line or right at the net? When you approach the net you should hit a volley and then continue to close in on the net. You are doomed if you remain at the service line or even in the middle of the service box because this allows your opponent to have more leverage over you. Plus, you can throw off your opponent

What kind of company is TM Net?

TM Net is an internet and email service provider that is based in Malaysia. It has been the only fixed line broadband provider there since 1999 and so is a very widely used service.

In volleyball the attack line is how far from the center line?

Well.... it scores the points, most of the time.

How far do you have to stand away from the volleyball net in measureament?

you can be as close as you want to the net but you are not allowed to touch it. you're also not allowed to reach over the net to the over side of the court or put your foot over the centre line underneath the net